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Acta Dermato-Venereologica
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Facial Erythema of Rosacea – Aetiology, Different Pathophysiologies and Treatment OptionsReview
Facial Erythema of Rosacea – Aetiology, Different Pathophysiologies and Treatment Options
Martin Steinhoff, Martin Schmelz, Jürgen Schauber

Rosacea is a common chronic skin condition that displays a broad diversity of clinical manifestations. Although the pathophysiological mechanisms of the four subtypes are not completely elucidated, the key elements often present are augmented immune responses of the innate and adaptive immune system, and neurovascular dysregulation. The most common primary feature of all cutaneous subtypes of rosa ...

The Role of Neuromediators and Innervation in Cutaneous Wound HealingReview
The Role of Neuromediators and Innervation in Cutaneous Wound Healing
Mohammed Ashrafi, Mohamed Baguneid, Ardeshir Bayat

The skin is densely innervated with an intricate network of cutaneous nerves, neuromediators and specific receptors which influence a variety of physiological and disease processes. There is emerging evidence that cutaneous innervation may play an important role in mediating wound healing. This review aims to comprehensively examine the evidence that signifies the role of innervation during the ov ...

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Changes in Quality of Life in Persons with Eczema and Psoriasis After Treatment in Departments of Dermatology
Astrid K. Wahl, Cato Mørk, Bodil Mørk Lillehol, Anne M. Myrdal, Svein Helland, Berit R. Hanestad and Torbjørn Moum


Inflammation of Montgomery Glands
Hella Blech, Katharina Friebe, Walter Krause


Allergenic Oxidation Products
M. Bergh


Evidence-based Danish Guidelines for the Treatment of Malassezia-related Skin Diseases
Marianne Hald, Maiken C. Arendrup, Else L. Svejgaard, Rune Lindskov, Erik K. Foged, Ditte Marie L. Saunte


Chapter 4. Antibacterial/steroid combination therapy in infected eczema

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Special Report - 2016-06-20
Acne and Nutrition: A Systematic Review
Friederike Fiedler, Gabriele I. Stangl, Eckhard Fiedler, Klaus-Michael Taube

Investigative Report - 2016-06-20
Expression of SOX18 in Mycosis Fungoides
Alina Jankowska-Konsur, Christopher Kobierzycki, Adam Reich, Aleksandra Piotrowska, Agnieszka Gomulkiewicz, Mateusz Olbromski, Marzena Podhorska-Okołów, Piotr Dzięgiel, Jacek C. Szepietowski

Clinical Report - 2016-06-20
Gastrointestinal Symptoms Increase the Burden of Illness in Dermatitis Herpetiformis: A Prospective Study
Camilla Pasternack, Katri Kaukinen, Kalle Kurppa, Markku Mäki, Pekka Collin, Kaisa Hervonen, Timo Reunala, Heini Huhtala, Leila Kekkonen, Teea Salmi

Investigative Report - 2016-06-15
The Reliability, Validity and Responsiveness of Two Disease Scores (BPDAI and ABSIS) for Bullous Pemphigoid: Which One to Use?
Asri Wijayanti, Cathy Y. Zhao, David Boettiger, Yi Z. Chiang, Norito Ishii, Takashi Hashimoto, Dedee F. Murrell

Short communication - 2016-06-14
Symmetrical Drug-related Intertriginous and Flexural Exanthema due to Bortezomib: First Case Report
Nausicaa Malissen, Jean-Luc Bourrain, Anca Chiriac, Aline Montet, Laure Vincent, Olivier Dereure, Aurélie Du-Thanh

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ISI Impact Factor 2014: 3.720

An international peer-reviewed journal for clinical and experimental research in the field of dermatology and venereology.

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Topics: Atopic dermatitis and contact allergy, facial dermatoses and adnexal disorders, new treatments, psoriasis and genodermatoses, psychodermatology, sexually transmitted diseases, skin biology and inflammation, skin cancer and pigmentation, skin immunology and lymphoma, urticaria and itch, wound healing and tissue repair

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