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Casting Shadows on the Prevalence of Tanning Dependence: An Assessment of mCAGE CriteriaInvestigative Report
Casting Shadows on the Prevalence of Tanning Dependence: An Assessment of mCAGE Criteria
Sven Schneider, Frederike Schirmbeck, Christina Bock, Rüdiger Greinert, Eckhardt W. Breitbart, Katharina Diehl

Recently more and more studies have reported high prevalence rates for a ‘tanning dependence’ among tanning bed users. The authors of these studies base their argumentation on a modified (m) version of the CAGE (Cut-down, Annoyed, Guilty and Eye-opener) Criteria, initially used for alcohol addiction. By means of cognitive interviews and a large population survey, we tested the validity of the mC ...

Smartphone Teledermoscopy Referrals: A Novel Process for Improved Triage of Skin Cancer PatientsClinical Report
Smartphone Teledermoscopy Referrals: A Novel Process for Improved Triage of Skin Cancer Patients
Alexander Börve, Johan Dahlén Gyllencreutz, Karin Terstappen, Eva Johansson Backman, Anette Aldenbratt, Markus Danielsson, Martin Gillstedt, Carin Sandberg, John Paoli

In this open, controlled, multicentre and prospective observational study, smartphone teledermoscopy referrals were sent from 20 primary healthcare centres to 2 dermatology departments for triage of skin lesions of concern using a smartphone application and a compatible digital dermoscope. The outcome for 816 patients referred via smartphone teledermoscopy was compared with 746 patients referred v ...

New Drugs and Treatment Targets in PsoriasisReview
New Drugs and Treatment Targets in Psoriasis
Kristian Kofoed, Lone Skov, Claus Zachariae

In recent years, the increased understanding of the pathophysiology of psoriasis has resulted in several new treatments. The success of ustekinumab proved the importance of the IL-23/T helper cell 17 axis in psoriatic diseases. Several new biologics targeting this axis will reach the clinic in the next years. Biologics are costly, require injections, and some patients experience tacaphylaxis, thus ...

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Systemic Kappa Opioid Receptor Agonists in the Treatment of Chronic Pruritus: A Literature Review
Ngoc Quan Phan, Tobias Lotts, Attila Antal, Jeffrey D. Bernhard, Sonja Ständer


Inflammation of Montgomery Glands
Hella Blech, Katharina Friebe, Walter Krause


Demodicidosis Revisited
B. Baima and Michael Sticherling


Allergenic Oxidation Products
M. Bergh


Contact Allergy to Gold in Patients with Oral Lichen Lesions
Camilla Ahlgren, Magnus Bruze, Halvor Möller, Birgitta Gruvberger, Tony Axéll, Rolf Liedholm, Krister Nilner

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Clinical Report - 2015-01-29
Swedish Experiences From Patch Testing Methylisothiazolinone Separately
Malin Engfeldt, Johanna Bråred-Christensson, Marléne Isaksson, Mihály Matura, Kristina Ryberg, Berndt Stenberg, Cecilia Svedman, Magnus Bruze

Short communication - 2015-01-26
Contact Urticaria Due to a Face Mask Coated with Disinfectant Liquid Spray
Masashi Iwata, Hideaki Tanizaki, Hiroko Fujii, Yuichiro Endo, Akihiro Fujisawa, Miki Tanioka, Yoshiki Miyachi, Kenji Kabashima

Investigative Report - 2015-01-26
Stigmatisation, Avoidance Behaviour and Difficulties in Coping are Common Among Adult Patients with Vitiligo
Christian Krüger, Karin U. Schallreuter

Short communication - 2015-01-26
Successful Elimination of Methotrexate by Continuous Veno-venous Haemofiltration in a Psoriatic Patient with Methotrexate Intoxication
Chien-Chih Wu, Chih-Fen Huang, Li-Jiuan Shen, Fe-Lin Lin Wu

Short communication - 2015-01-21
Recurrent Finkelstein-Seidlmayer Disease in Four First-degree Relatives
Alessandro Ostini, Gian Paolo Ramelli, Carlo Mainetti , Mario G. Bianchetti, Alessandra Ferrarini

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