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The Incidence of Melanoma is Increasing in the Susceptible Young Australian PopulationInvestigative Report
The Incidence of Melanoma is Increasing in the Susceptible Young Australian Population
Douglas Czarnecki

The number of melanomas removed from Australians is increasing. Despite this, it has been reported that the incidence of melanoma is decreasing in the young Australian population. However, the denominator for these estimates includes individuals at low risk of melanoma, and the proportion of such individuals has changed over recent decades due to immigration. In this study, the incidence was ca ...

Efficacy of Fluorescence Diagnosis-guided Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Pigmented vs Non-pigmented Basal Cell CarcinomaClinical Report
Efficacy of Fluorescence Diagnosis-guided Mohs Micrographic Surgery for Pigmented vs Non-pigmented Basal Cell Carcinoma
Su-Young Jeon, Ki-Ho Kim, Ki-Hoon Song

Pigmented basal cell carcinoma (PBCC) occurs more frequently in Asian population. The efficacy of fluore-scence diagnosis (FD) for PBCCs treated with Mohs micrographic surgery has not yet been determined. This study enrolled 255 patients with 258 biopsy-proven BCC lesions: 199 PBCCs (77.1%) and 59 non-PBCCs (22.9%). We compared the clinicopathological and surgical features of the PBCCs and non-PBC ...

Clinical Report
Implementing Best Practice in Psoriasis: A Nordic Expert Group Consensus
Knud Kragballe, Robert Gniadecki, Nils-Jørgen Mørk, Tapio Rantanen, Mona Ståhle

In the absence of Nordic-wide guidelines on the best practice management of psoriasis, this paper aims to provide Nordic recommendations for treatment goals, evaluation of quality of life impact and assessment/management of co-morbidities. This Delphi approach consisted of telephone interviews, local Nordic face-to-face meetings, and a Nordic-wide meeting, in which questions on treatment goals, qu ...

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Inflammation of Montgomery Glands
Hella Blech, Katharina Friebe, Walter Krause


Allergenic Oxidation Products
M. Bergh


Skin pH: From Basic SciencE to Basic Skin Care
Saba M. Ali, Gil Yosipovitch


Chapter 2. Fusidic acid in skin and soft-tissue infections
Barry H. Long


Pathological Mechanisms of Acne with Special Emphasis on Propionibacterium acnes and Related Therapy
Uta Jappe

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Short communication - 2014-08-27
Rapidly Developed Neurosyphilis in a Psoriasis Patient Under Treatment with Infliximab: A Case Report
Kimi Kase, Yasue Ishii-Osai, Yasuyuki Sumikawa, Akihiro Yoneta, Daisaku Himeno, Yohei Kakutani, Toshiharu Yamashita

Investigative Report - 2014-08-27
Use of Aspirin, Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs, and Aceta­minophen (Paracetamol), and Risk of Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis: A Cohort Study
Shaowei Wu, Jiali Han, Abrar A. Qureshi

Clinical Report - 2014-08-27
Quality of Life and Emotional State in Chronic Skin Disease
Ene Pärna, Anu Aluoja, Külli Kingo

Clinical Report - 2014-08-27
Low-dose Acitretin in Treatment of Plaque-type Psoriasis: Descriptive Study of Efficacy and Safety
Alessandro Borghi, Monica Corazza, Alberto Maria Bertoldi, Francesca Caroppo, Annarosa Virgili

Short communication - 2014-08-27
Polycystic Kidney Disease with Steatocystoma Multiplex: Evidences for a Disruptive Effect of Mutated Polycystin-1 on Keratin 17 Polymerisation
Kozo Yoneda, Kozo Nakai, Toshio Demitsu, Yasuo Kubota

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