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Human Surrogate Models of Histaminergic and Non-histaminergic ItchReview
Human Surrogate Models of Histaminergic and Non-histaminergic Itch
Hjalte H. Andersen, Jesper Elberling, Lars Arendt-Nielsen

Within the last decade understanding of the mechanistic basis of itch has improved significantly, resulting in the development of several human surrogate models of itch and related dysesthetic states. Well-characterized somatosensory models are useful in basic studies in healthy volunteers, in clinical studies for diagnostic and segmentation purposes, and in pharmacological studies to evaluate the ...

A Case of Subepidermal Blistering Disease with Autoantibodies to Multiple Laminin Subunits who Developed Later Autoantibodies to Alpha-5 Chain of Type IV Collagen Associated with Membranous GlomerulonephropathyInvestigative Report
A Case of Subepidermal Blistering Disease with Autoantibodies to Multiple Laminin Subunits who Developed Later Autoantibodies to Alpha-5 Chain of Type IV Collagen Associated with Membranous Glomerulonephropathy
Hirohiko Sueki, Yoshinori Sato, Shinpei Ohtoshi, Tokio Nakada, Ashio Yoshimura, Chiharu Tateishi, Dorin-Bogdan Borza, William Fader, Reza F. Ghohestani, Yoshiaki Hirako, Hiroshi Koga, Norito Ishii, Atsunari Tsuchisaka, Hua Qian, Xiaoguang Li, Takashi Hashimoto

We report a 68-year-old Japanese female patient with subepidermal blistering disease with autoantibodies to multiple laminins, who subsequently developed membranous glomerulonephropathy. At skin disease stage, immunofluorescence demonstrated IgG anti-basement membrane zone antibodies reactive with dermal side of NaCl-split skin. Immunoblotting of human dermal extract, purified laminin-332, hemides ...

A Human Surrogate Model of Itch Utilizing the TRPA1 Agonist Trans-cinnamaldehydeInvestigative Report
A Human Surrogate Model of Itch Utilizing the TRPA1 Agonist Trans-cinnamaldehyde
Chris R. Højland, Hjalte H. Andersen, Jeppe N. Poulsen, Lars Arendt-Nielsen, Parisa Gazerani

The thermoreceptive transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 (TRPA1) is important in the transmission of itch, and its agonist trans-cinnamaldehyde has occasionally been reported to be a pruritogen in humans. However, no studies have accurately quantified the capabilities of trans-cinnamaldehyde to induce itch and related dysesthetic sensations. The present study examined alterations in somatosenso ...

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The Potential Role of Impaired Notch Signalling in Atopic Dermatitis
Bodo C. Melnik


Allergenic Oxidation Products
M. Bergh


Inflammation of Montgomery Glands
Hella Blech, Katharina Friebe, Walter Krause


Epidermal Thickness at Different Body Sites: Relationship to Age, Gender, Pigmentation, Blood Content, Skin Type and Smoking Habits
Jane Sandy-Moller, Thomas Poulsen and Hans Christian Wulf


Pathological Mechanisms of Acne with Special Emphasis on Propionibacterium acnes and Related Therapy
Uta Jappe

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Short communication - 2015-10-08
Development of an Allergen-induced Atopic Itch Model in Dogs: A Preliminary Report
Judy S. Paps, Wolfgang Bäumer, Thierry Olivry

Investigative Report - 2015-10-06
Modelling the Future: System Dynamics in the Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma Care Pathway
Magdalena Claeson, Stefan Hallberg, Paul Holmström, Ann-Marie Wennberg, Helena Gonzalez, John Paoli

Short communication - 2015-10-05
Dietary Regimes for Treatment of Acne Vulgaris: A Critical Review of Published Clinical Trials
Sofia Norstedt, Magnus Lindberg

Clinical Report - 2015-10-05
Real-life Data on Patient Characteristics, Cost and Effectiveness of Field-directed Treatment for Actinic Keratoses: An Observational Study
Margit C.J. van Rijsingen, Inge Seubring, Janneke P.C. Grutters, M. Birgitte Maessen-Visch, Hans A.C. Alkemade, Remco van Doorn, Hans Groenewoud, Peter C.M. van de Kerkhof, Gert Jan van der Wilt, Marie-Jeanne P. Gerritsen

Investigative Report - 2015-10-01
Enzyme-linked Immunoassay Index for Anti-NC16a IgG and IgE Auto­antibodies Correlates with Severity and Activity of Bullous Pemphigoid
Monika Kalowska, Olga Ciepiela, Cezary Kowalewski, Urszula Demkow, Robert A. Schwartz, Katarzyna Wozniak

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