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From current issue: 7 (47)

Original report

Development and cognitive testing of the Nottwil Environmental Factors Inventory in Canada, Switzerland, and the USA

Sibylle Juvalta , Marcel W.M. Post, Susan Charlifue, Luc Noreau, Gale Whiteneck, Frédéric S. Dumont, Jan D. Reinhardt

Objective: To develop and pre-test the Nottwil Environmental Factors Inventory (NEFI), a questionnaire assessing the perceived impact of environmental factors on specific areas of participation (productive life, social life, and community life) experienced by people with spinal cord injury. Subjects/patients: Thirty-seven participants with spinal cord injury in Canada, Switzerland and the USA. Met ...


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Treatment for idiopathic toe walking: A systematic review of the literature
Annette A. A van Kuijk, Ralf Kosters , Martin Vugts, Alexander C.H. Geurts


A single-blind, cross-over trial of hip abductor strength training to improve Timed Up & Go performance in patients with unilateral, transfemoral amputation
Tim Pauley, Michael Devlin, Pamela Madan-Sharma


Knee joint stabilization therapy in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee and knee instability: Subgroup analyses in a randomized, controlled trial
Jesper Knoop, Marike van der Leeden, Leo D. Roorda, Carina A. Thorstensson, Martin van der Esch, Wilfred F Peter, Mariëtte de Rooij, Willem F. Lems, Joost Dekker, Martijn P.M. Steultjens


Functional goal achievement in post-stroke spasticity patients: The BOTOX® Economic Spasticity Trial (BEST)
Anthony B. Ward, Jörg Wissel, Jörgen Borg, Per Ertzgaard, Christoph Herrmann, Jai Kulkarni, Kristina Lindgren, Iris Reuter, Mohamed Sakel, Patrik Säterö, Satyendra Sharma, Theodore Wein, Nicola Wright, Antony Fulford-Smith, on behalf of the BEST Study Group


Evidence for the effectiveness of walking training on walking and self-care after stroke: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
Sinikka H. Peurala, Auli H. Karttunen , Tuulikki Sjögren, Jaana Paltamaa, Ari Heinonen

Original report
Reliability and validity of the modified sphygmomanometer test for the assessment of strength of upper limb muscles after stroke
Júlia Caetano Martins, Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela, Lucas Araújo Castro e Souza, Larissa Tavares Aguiar, Eliza Maria Lara, Juliana Braga Moura, Christina Danielli Coelho de Morais Faria

Original report
Longitudinal association between respiratory muscle strength and cough capacity in persons with spinal cord injury: An explorative analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial
Karin Postma, Lonneke Y Vlemmix, Janneke A. Haisma, Sonja de Groot, Tebbe A. R. Sluis, Henk J. Stam, Johannes B. J. Bussmann

Original report
What influences retrospective self-appraised recovery status among danes with low-back problems? A comparative qualitative investigation
Corrie Myburgh, Eleanor Boyle, Henrik H. Lauridsen, Lise Hestbaek, Alice Kongsted

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Topics: Functional assessment and intervention studies, clinical studies in various patient groups, methodology in physical and rehabilitation medicine, epidemiological studies on disabling conditions and reports on vocational and sociomedical aspects of rehabilitation.

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