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NDA goes from an association of Nordic dermatologists to an association of national Nordic dermatologic societies

Nordic dermatology association has recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. The recollection of 32 Nordic congresses and topics being discussed shows that Nordic dermatology stands on a very solid fundament of common panorama of skin diseses (100th Anniversary of NDA /Review of the Nordic dermatology Congresses 1986-2008). The recent development of powerful drugs including biologics gives great opportunities for patients with severe skin diseases to improve quality of life. In order to create an equal health care for our patients, we need strong dermatologic societies to ensure that as many patients as possible will get an adequate care. We believe that the national dermatologic societies will become more influential with support of the other Nordic dermatologic societies.

Since the last Nordic Dermatology Congress in Tampere, the board of NDA has gathered twice yearly. We have discussed if NDA, being an organisation of all members of the Nordic dermatological societies, should become an association of the five national societies. Please, see previous newsletters to see how we got there (NDANewsletters). A Statutes committee was founded to propose new bylaws (Proposed NDA Bylaws, 2015).According to the new statutes, the NDA board will include 14 members. Five members of the present board, including our president Gregor Jemec, will remain, while nine new members will be elected and presented at the General Assembly of the 33rd Nordic Dermatology Congress in Trondheim in April.

I would like to thank the board for inspiring and friendly meetings and correspondence to pave the way for the New NDA. I have had a great time, almost daily looking forward to e-mails from Nordic friends. The board has worked hard and it is has been a great honour and true pleasure for me to participate in the rejuvenation of our 100-year-old organization. I believe that a new trend started by NDA resident courses which contribute to increase communication and cooperation between young Nordic dermatologists( Thanks to the Course committee! Congratulations also to Agneta Andersson, editor of our excellent official journal, Forum for Nordic Dermato-Venereology, for reports of latest dermatologic dissertations, for gathering articles of Nordic dermatologists recently published in various international scientific journals and for glimpses of daily life of Nordic dermatologists (Forum). Thanks also to Agneta for her kind cooperation at this website.

The Norwegian organizers have composed a splendid scientific program for the 33rd Nordic Dermatology Congress in Trondheim. We have also received many interesting abstracts of very high quality from young investigators (Abstracts of 33rd Nordic Dermatology Congress). Please see an updated program at

Hoping to see you in Trondheim

Joanna Wallengren, MD, PhD
NDA Secretary General and treasurer

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