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  • Mercapto mix in patch testing
    Malin Engfeldt, Marléne Isaksson, Bo Glas, Lina Hagvall, Anna Löfnertz Petersson, Mihály Matura, et al.
  • The authors of this study recommend replacing mercaptobenzothiazole mix 2.0% with mercaptobenzothiazole mix 3.5%.
  • Burden of atopic dermatitis in Sweden: a population-based study
    Grigorios Theodosiou, Scott Montgomery, Alexandra Metsini, Florence J. Dalgard, Åke Svensson, Laura B. von Kobyletzki
  • The results in this study suggest that AD implies an increased prevalence of comorbid mental conditions and an adverse impact on academic achievement and work.
  • Cutaneous disorders and Castleman’s disease
    Hyo Jung Kim, Ju Hee Han, Chul Hwan Bang, Kyung Shin Park, Seok-Goo Cho, Dong Su Yoo, et al.
  • The study highlights the role of dermatologists in an indepth review of various skin disorders related to Castelman's disease.
  • Sirolimus for vascular anomalies: a multicentre study and review
    Shira Sandbank, Vered Molho-Pessach, Adam Farkas, Aviv Barzilai, Shoshana Greenberger
  • Sirolimus appears to be an effective and safe treatment for children and young adults with complicated vascular anomalies.
  • Corticosteroid phobia among healthcare professionals
    Lies Lambrechts, Liesbeth Gilissen, Marie-Anne Morren
  • There is prominent corticophobia among healthcare professionals, especially among pharmacists and general practitioners, probably based on insufficient knowledge of topical corticosteroids. In order to improve patient compliance, re-eduation of healthcare providers is suggested.
  • Itch in elderly people
    Radomir Reszke, Rafał Białynicki-Birula, Karolina Lindner, Małgorzata Sobieszczańska, Jacek C. Szepietowski
  • The results of this study support the role of an interdisciplinary diagnostic and therapeutic approach to elderly patients with chronic itch.
  • Validation of psoriasis diagnoses in Danish national patient register
    Nikolai Dyrberg Loft, Christian Harbo Andersen, Anne-Sofie Halling-Overgaard, Jacob P. Thyssen, Lone Skov, Alexander Egeberg
  • This tudy suggests that the use of the ICD-10 code L40.0 to identify patients with psoriasis is a valid approach in registry-based studies.


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    Jia-Qi Lv, Yue-Ping Zeng, Tao Qu
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    Recurrent Widespread Blisters and Skin Erosion in a 54-year-old Woman: A Quiz
    Kazuki M. Matsuda, Kouki Nakamura, Maasa Kobayashi, Hiraku Suga, Shinichi Sato
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    From current issue: 11 (99)

    Patch Testing with a New Composition of Mercapto Mix: A Multi­centre Study by the Swedish Contact Dermatitis Research Group
    Malin Engfeldt, Marléne Isaksson, Bo Glas, Lina Hagvall, Anna Löfnertz Petersson, Mihály Matura, Berndt Stenberg, Cecilia Svedman, Magnus Bruze
    A new mercaptomix (3.5%), containing 2-mercaptobenzothiazole (MBT) 2.0% instead of 0.5%, has been tested in over 3000 dermatitis patients in 5 Swedish dermatology departments simultaneously with MBT 2.0% and mercaptomix 2.0%. Results showed that mercaptomix 3.5% detected all positive patients and more patch-test positive patients than the other two substances did. The Swedish Contact Dermatitis Research Group will recommend that mercaptomix 3.5% replaces MBT 2.0% and mercaptomix 2.0% in the Swedish baseline series from 2020.
    Pages: 960-963
    Burden of Atopic Dermatitis in Swedish Adults: A Population-based Study
    Grigorios Theodosiou, Scott Montgomery, Alexandra Metsini, Florence J. Dalgard, Åke Svensson, Laura B. von Kobyletzki
    The burden of atopic dermatitis (AD) was assessed in a population-based, cross-sectional questionnaire study among 34,313 Swedish adults. The reported prevalence of AD was 14%. AD, especially when severe, was associated with an increased prevalence of depression, anxiety and a lower academic achievement and occupational status.
    Pages: 964-970
    Volume 92, Issue 3
    Treatment of Severe Acne with Low-dose Isotretinoin
    Tarun Mehra, Claudia Borelli, Walter Burgdorf, Martin Röcken, Martin Schaller
    Volume 95, Issue 3
    Comparative Cut-off Value Setting of Pruritus Intensity in Visual Analogue Scale and Verbal Rating Scale
    Makiko Kido-Nakahara, Norito Katoh, Hidehisa Saeki, Hitoshi Mizutani, Akihito Hagihara, Satoshi Takeuchi, Takeshi Nakahara, Koji Masuda, Risa Tamagawa-Mineoka, Hidemi Nakagawa, Yoichi Omoto, Kimiko Matsubara, Masutaka Furue
    Volume 96, Issue 217
    How to Reach Emotions with Psychosomatic Patients: A Case Report
    Gwenaëlle Colaianni, Francoise Poot
    Volume 92, Issue 4
    Lichen Planus in Childhood Showing Various Cutaneous Features
    Yohei Hamade, Ken Arita, Ellen Toyonaga, Daisuke Inokuma, Kokichi Hamasaka, Hiroshi Shimizu
    Volume 95, Issue 8
    Effective Palliation of Intractable Bleeding from Noonan Syndrome-associated Lymphatic Malformations by Radiotherapy
    Brian C. Baumann, Kelly M. MacArthur, Misha Rosenbach, Jean C. Miller, Edgar Ben-Josef
    Multicomponent Biomarker Approach Improves the Accuracy of Diagnostic Biomarkers for Psoriasis Vulgaris
    Ene Reimann, Freddy Lättekivi, Maris Keermann, Kristi Abram, Sulev Kõks, Külli Kingo, Alireza Fazeli
    Angiogenesis in Ocular and Extraocular Sebaceous Carcinoma
    Ferdinand Toberer, Holger A. Haenssle, Arno Rütten, Dmitry Kazakov, Liubov Kastnerova, Alexander Enk, Wolfgang Hartschuh, Ines Bertlich, Julia Hartmann, Martin Laimer, Wolfgang Weyers, Peter Helmbold, Heinz Kutzner
    Generalized Skin Scaling in a Young Girl: A Quiz
    Ran Mo, Huijun Wang, Zhimiao Lin
    Relationship of Visceral Fat and Adipokines with Cardiometabolic Diseases in Psoriasis
    Nasrin Goolam Mahyoodeen, Nigel J. Crowther, Lushen Pillay, Tracy Snyman, Marketa Toman, Sheetal Daya, Mohammed Tikly
    Long-lasting Tumour on the Upper Lip of a 28-year-old Woman: A Quiz
    Stine Simonsen, Dorrit Krustrup, Annette Hougaard Chakera, Lone Skov