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  • Economic burden of atopic dermatitis in adults
    Lieneke F.M. Ariëns, Kirsten J.M. van Nimwegen, Marjan Shams, Digna T. de Bruin, Jorien van der Schaft, Harmieke van Os-Medendorp, Marjolein De Bruin-Weller
  • Costs of productivity loss had larger impact on total costs. Patients with atopic dermatitis using systemic immunosuppressive treatment incur considerable direct costs and cots of productivity loss.
  • Efficacy of secukinumab-to-ixekizumab switch
    Shany Sherman, Efrat Solomon Cohen, Iris Amitay-Laish, Emmilia Hodak, Lev Pavlovsky
  • Patients with moderate-to-severe psoriasis seem to be amenable to treatment with izekizumab following secukinumab failure.
  • Etretinate for cutaneous-type adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma
    Kentaro Yonekura, Koichiro Takeda, Nobuyo Kawakami, Tamotsu Kanzaki, Takuro Kanekura, Atae Utsunomiya
  • The results given in this report suggest that etretinate is a promising treatment option for cutaneous-type adult T-cell leukemia-lymphoma.
  • Wound care in a child with epidermolysis bullosa
    Petra Mauritz, Marcel F. Jonkman, Sanne S. Visser, Catrin Finkenauer, José C. Duipmans, Mariët Hagedoorn
  • Parents and children should learn which coping strategies are helpful for themselves and for each other in the context of wound care.
  • Interest in skin cancer: a Google search term analysis
    Linda Tizek, Maximilian C. Schielein, Melvin Rüth, Rolf-Markus Szeimies, Wolfgang G. Philipp-Dormston, Stephan A. Braun, Christine Hecker, Bernadette Eberlein, Tilo Biedermann, Alexander G.S. Zink
  • Analysis of the differences in search bevaviour between cities could help to identify areas with a high need for targeted prevention campaigns.
  • Diagnosis of mycosis fungoides after dupilumab for misdiagnosed atopic dermatitis
    Takahito Chiba, Takuya Nagai, Shin-ichi Osada, Motomu Manabe
  • This is the first report to describe a case of mucosis fungoides diagnosed after administration of dupilumab for atopic dermatitis.
  • Granuloma faciale treated successfully with colchicine
    Chika Ohata, Takekuni Nakama
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    QUIZ - 2019-06-04
    An Unusual Birthmark on the Scalp: A Quiz
    Yue-Tong Qian, Jin-Yuan Ma, Sergio Vano-Galvan, Jia-Wei Liu, Wei Liu, Dong-Lai Ma
    QUIZ - 2019-05-29
    Progressive Erythroderma without Malignancy in the Skin: A Quiz
    Hiroyuki Irie, Teruki Dainichi, Yo Kaku, Kenji Kabashima
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    Volume 95, Issue 1
    Evidence-based Danish Guidelines for the Treatment of Malassezia-related Skin Diseases
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    Prevalence of Skin-specific Autoantibodies in HIV-infected Patients and Uninfected Controls
    Veronique Touzeau-Roemer, Michael Skoll, Pooja Tajpara, Philip Kienzl, Antonia Wesinger, Simona Saluzzo, Martin Bauer, Maximilian C. Aichelburg, Christine Bangert, Wolfgang Bauer, Georg Stingl, Armin Rieger, Katharina Grabmeier-Pfistershammer, Christopher Schuster
    Patch Testing with a New Composition of Mercapto Mix: A Multi­centre Study by the Swedish Contact Dermatitis Research Group
    Malin Engfeldt, Marléne Isaksson, Bo Glas, Lina Hagvall, Anna Löfnertz Petersson, Mihály Matura, Berndt Stenberg, Cecilia Svedman, Magnus Bruze