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News About the Section Editor Board and a Farewell to the Printed Journal
Anders Vahlquist, Artur Schmidtchen
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Editorial: Emiliano Panconesi Memorial
Uwe Gieler, Lucia Tomas-Aragones, Dennis Linder
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Paper vs On-line Publication - Taking Advantage of Both!
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From current issue: 7 (96)
Thromboxane A2 is Involved in Itch-associated Responses in Mice with Atopic Dermatitis-like Skin Lesions
Tsugunobu Andoh, Ai Yamamoto , Satomi Haza, Koh-ichi Yuhki, Fumitaka Ushikubi, Shu Narumiya, Yasushi Kuraishi
To investigate the mechanisms underlying itching in atopic dermatitis, we examined whether thromboxane (TX) A2, an arachidonic acid metabolite, is involved in spontaneous scratching, an itch-related response, in NC mice with atopic dermatitis-like skin lesions. The TXA2 receptor (TP) antagonist ONO-3708 inhibited the spontaneous scratching. The mRNA expression of TX synthase (TXSyn) distributed ma ...
Pages: 899-904
Cutaneous T-cell Lymphoma and Pruritus: The Expression of IL-31 and its Receptors in the Skin
Leigh A. Nattkemper, Maria-Estela Martinez-Escala, Ari B. Gelman, Elisha M. Singer, Alain H. Rook, Joan Guitart, Gil Yosipovitch
Approximately 88% of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL) patients are affected by pruritus that responds poorly to current antipruritic therapies. Interleukin (IL)-31, a Th2 cytokine, has been found to be increased in the serum of CTCL patients and to correlate with itch severity. This study investigated the role of IL-31 and its receptors (IL-31 receptor-alpha [IL-31RA] and OSMRβ) in the skin o ...
Pages: 894-898
Immunosuppressive Environment in Basal Cell Carcinoma: The Role of Regulatory T Cells
Silje H. Omland, Patricia S. Nielsen, Lise M.R. Gjerdrum, Robert Gniadecki
Interaction between tumour survival tactics and anti-tumour immune response is a major determinant for cancer growth. Regulatory T cells (T-regs) contribute to tumour immune escape, but their role in basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is not understood. The fraction of T-regs among T cells was analysed by immunohistochemistry followed by automated image analysis in facial BCC, peritumoural skin and normal ...
Pages: 917-921

Most read this month

Volume 93, Issue 6
A Case of Atypical Fibrous Histiocytoma with Positivity for CD163 and CD44
Kanako Tsunoda, Kazuhiro Takahashi, Fumihiko Maeda, Hiroki Oikawa, Toshihide Akasaka
Volume 96, Issue 1
Targeting IgE in Severe Atopic Dermatitis with a Combination of Immunoadsorption and Omalizumab
Alexander Zink, Anna Gensbaur, Michael Zirbs, Florian Seifert, Isabel Leon Suarez, Vagkan Mourantchanian, Stephan Weidinger, Martin Mempel, Johannes Ring, Markus Ollert
Volume 96, Issue 3
Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil or no Oil for Baby Dry Skin or Massage: A Pilot, Assessor-blinded, Randomized Controlled Trial (the Oil in Baby SkincaRE [OBSeRvE] Study)
Alison Cooke, Michael J. Cork, Suresh Victor, Malcolm Campbell, Simon Danby, John Chittock, Tina Lavender
Volume 95, Issue 1
Evidence-based Danish Guidelines for the Treatment of Malassezia-related Skin Diseases
Marianne Hald, Maiken C. Arendrup, Else L. Svejgaard, Rune Lindskov, Erik K. Foged, Ditte Marie L. Saunte
Volume 92, Issue 2
Common Neuropathic Itch Syndromes
Anne Louise Oaklander

New release of full articles

Annular Eruptive Pseudoangiomatosis and Adenovirus Infection: A Novel Clinical Variant of Paraviral Exanthems and a Novel Virus Association
Antonio Chuh, Rüdiger Panzer, Ann-Christine Rosenthal, Ehrhardt Proksch, Werner Kempf, Vijay Zawar, Helmuth Fickenscher, Regina Fölster-Holst
Subcutaneous Panniculitis-like T-cell Lymphoma: Immunosuppressive Drugs Induce Better Response than Polychemotherapy
David Michonneau, Tony Petrella, Nicolas Ortonne, Saskia Ingen-Housz-Oro, Nathalie Franck, Stéphane Barete, Maxime Battistella, Marie Beylot-Barry, Béatrice Vergier, Marc Maynadié, Christine Bodemer, Olivier Hermine, Martine Bagot, Nicole Brousse, Sylvie Fraitag
Clinical Features, Complications and Autoimmunity in Male Lichen Sclerosus
Despina Kantere, Gunilla Alvergren, Martin Gillstedt, Fani Pujol-Calderon, Petra Tunbäck
Atopic Eczema and Stress among Single Parents and Families: An Empirical Study of 96 Mothers
Uwe Gieler, Stefanie Schoof, Tanja Gieler, Sibylle Scheewe, Christina Schut, Jörg Kupfer

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