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  • Light and Laser Therapy in Cutaneous Sarcoidosis
    Ana Luiza Lima, Steven Goetze, Tanja Illing, Peter Elsner
  • Early Pruritus Relief with Crisaborole for Atopic Dermatitis
    Gil Yosipovitch, Linda F. Stein Gold, Mark G. Lebwohl, Jonathan I. Silverberg, Anna M. Tallman, Lee T. Zane
  • Skin Microbiome in Atopic Dermatitis
    Wojciech Francuzik, Kristin Franke, Ralf R. Schumann, Guido Heine, Margitta Worm
  • Aquagenic Pruritus in Polycythemia Vera
    Edyta Lelonek, Łukasz Matusiak, Tomasz Wróbel, Jacek C. Szepietowski
  • Methotrexate Treatment for Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris
    Lukas Koch, Clemens Schöffl, Werner Aberer, Cesare Massone
  • Prevention of Atopic Dermatitis Flares by Use of Emollients
    Irena Angelova-Fischer, Frank Rippke, Daniel Richter, Alexander Filbry, Craig Arrowitz, Teresa Weber, Tobias W. Fischer, Detlef Zillikens
  • Folate Supplementation During Methotrexate Therapy
    Canelle Mazaud, Laurence Fardet
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EDITORIAL - 2018-02-27
ActaDV Soon Celebrates 100-year Anniversary
Artur Schmidtchen
EDITORIAL - 2018-01-11
Change of Editors and other News from ActaDV
Artur Schmidtchen and Agneta Andersson
EDITORIAL - 2017-09-14
“The Times They Are A-changin’ …”
Anders Vahlquist


QUIZ - 2018-02-27
Painful Papules on the Hand: A Quiz
Elizabeth Lee, Tejesh Patel, Gillian Hale, Sherif Zaki, Kristopher Fisher
QUIZ - 2018-02-13
Brownish Plaque with Progressive Growth on the Breast: A Quiz
Javier Arellano, Maria Jose Mesa, Yamile Corredoira
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Propionibacterium acnes Abundance Correlates Inversely with Staphylococcus aureus: Data from Atopic Dermatitis Skin Microbiome
Wojciech Francuzik, Kristin Franke, Ralf R. Schumann, Guido Heine, Margitta Worm
Skin microbiota are important for skin homeostasis and are dysregulated in atopic dermatitis. In this paper, the abundance of P. acnes correlated negatively with that of S. aureus in lesional skin from atopic dermatitis patients. P. acnes may have a protective effect against S. aureus colonization. That finding suggests that a selective modification of the skin microbiome could potentially be used as a therapeutic strategy in atopic dermatitis.
Pages: 490-495
Early Relief of Pruritus in Atopic Dermatitis with Crisaborole Ointment, A Non-steroidal, Phosphodiesterase 4 Inhibitor
Gil Yosipovitch, Linda F. Stein Gold, Mark G. Lebwohl, Jonathan I. Silverberg, Anna M. Tallman, Lee T. Zane
Pruritus occurs in all patients with atopic dermatitis and requires quick relief to reduce disease exacerbation and improve quality of life. Crisaborole ointment is a non-steroidal phosphodiesterase 4 inhibitor for the treatment of mild-to-moderate atopic dermatitis. This post hoc analysis explores crisaborole ointment for early relief of pruritus in patients with mild to moderate atopic dermatiti ...
Pages: 484-489
Volume 93, Issue 3
Skin pH: From Basic SciencE to Basic Skin Care
Saba M. Ali, Gil Yosipovitch
Volume 92, Issue 2
Common Neuropathic Itch Syndromes
Anne Louise Oaklander
Volume 95, Issue 1
Evidence-based Danish Guidelines for the Treatment of Malassezia-related Skin Diseases
Marianne Hald, Maiken C. Arendrup, Else L. Svejgaard, Rune Lindskov, Erik K. Foged, Ditte Marie L. Saunte
Volume 95, Issue 5
Mepacrine in Recalcitrant Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus: Old-fashioned or Still Useful?
Sandrine Benoit, Matthias Goebeler
Eosinophils are a Major Source of Interleukin-31 in Bullous Pemphigoid
Urda Rüdrich, Manuela Gehring, Eleni Papakonstantinou, Anja Illerhaus, Judith Engmann, Alexander Kapp, Karin Hartmann, N. Helge Meyer, Bernhard F. Gibbs, Ulrike Raap
Coccygeal Nodule in an Infant: A Quiz
Kazumasa Oya, Yosuke Ishitsuka, Manabu Fujimoto
Tofacitinib Represses the Janus Kinase-Signal Transducer and Activators of Transcription Signalling Pathway in Keratinocytes
Ankit Srivastava, Mona Ståhle, Andor Pivarcsi, Enikö Sonkoly
Cutaneous Malignancies. A surgical perspective
Lisa Naysmith
Usability of Validated Sleep-assessment Questionnaires in Patients with Chronic Pruritus: An Interview-based Study
Theresa Suilmann, Claudia Zeidler, Nani Osada, Claudia Riepe, Sonja Ständer

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