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  • Review: Chronic prurigo nodular type
    Claudia Zeidler, Athanasios Tsianakas, Manuel Pereira, Hartmut Ständer, Gil Yosipovitch, Sonja Ständer
  • Fractional CO2 laser for vitiligo: a meta-analysis with systematic review
    Hyun Jung Kim, Eun Sun Hong, Sang Hyun Cho, Jeong Deuk Lee, Hei Sung Kim
  • Burden of disease in aquagenic pruritusa
    Edyta Lelonek, Łukasz Matusiak, Tomasz Wróbel, Jacek Kwiatkowski, Jacek C. Szepietowski
  • Cutaneous cGVHD following stem cell transplantation in children
    Rony Shreberk-Hassidim, Michal Neumark, Shoshana Greenberger, Gal Goldstein, Ayal Hassidim, Yuval Dukler, Alexander Maly, Polina Stepensky, Vered Molho-Pessach
  • Direct costs of melanoma care
    Alessandra Buja, Gino Sartor, Manuela Scioni, Antonella Vecchiato, Mario Bolzan, Vincenzo Rebba, Vanna Chiarion Sileni, Angelo Claudio Palozzo, Maria Montesco, Paolo Del Fiore, Vincenzo Baldo, Carlo Riccardo Rossil
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EDITORIAL - 2018-01-11
Change of Editors and other News from ActaDV
Artur Schmidtchen and Agneta Andersson
EDITORIAL - 2017-09-14
“The Times They Are A-changin’ …”
Anders Vahlquist
EDITORIAL - 2017-03-16
Software is Eating the Clinic
Jonathan L. Rees


QUIZ - 2017-11-27
An Asymptomatic Plaque on the Chest: A Quiz
Alessandro Pileri, Susanna Gunnella, Vieri Grandi, Vincenza Maio, Nicola Pimpinelli
QUIZ - 2017-11-15
Chronic Nodular Dermatosis: A Quiz
Marco Cusini, Stefano Ramoni, Vinicio Boneschi, Sebastiano Recalcati
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Decrease in Diversity of Propionibacterium acnes Phylotypes in Patients with Severe Acne on the Back
Marie-Ange Dagnelie, Stéphane Corvec, Mélanie Saint-Jean, Valérie Bourdès, Jean-Michel Nguyen, Amir Khammari, Brigitte Dréno
This study presents Cutibacterium acnes (formerly Propionibacterium acnes) subgroups distribution on the back and face of severe acne patients versus healthy controls. It notably shows a drastic reduction of the phylotype diversity on the back of acne group comparing with healthy controls. These data suggest the possibility to set up innovative acne therapies such as probiotic-based systems in order to restore the phylotype diversity associated with healthy skin.
Pages: 262-267
Temporal Stability of the Healthy Human Skin Microbiome Following Dead Sea Climatotherapy
Michael Brandwein, Garold Fuks, Avigail Israel, Ashraf Al-Ashhab, Deborah Nejman, Ravid Straussman, Emmilia Hodak, Marco Harari, Doron Steinberg, Zvi Bentwich, Noam Shental, Shiri Meshner
Dead Sea climatotherapy (DSC) is a therapeutic modality for a variety of chronic skin conditions including psoriasis, vitiligo and atopic dermatitis. Previous studies have documented microbiome changes following therapeutic regimens for the aforementioned diseases. In the article entitled "Temporal Stability of the Healthy Human Skin Microbiome Following Dead Sea Climatotherapy," the authors describe changes to the healthy skin fungal and bacterial microbiome following Dead Sea climatotherapy. Their research sheds light on the temporal dynamics of the skin microbiome using this therapeutic regimen and is important in the understanding of its mechanisms.
Pages: 256-261
Volume 95, Issue 1
Evidence-based Danish Guidelines for the Treatment of Malassezia-related Skin Diseases
Marianne Hald, Maiken C. Arendrup, Else L. Svejgaard, Rune Lindskov, Erik K. Foged, Ditte Marie L. Saunte
Volume 96, Issue 1
Fractional Microneedling Radiofrequency Treatment for Acne-related Post-inflammatory Erythema
Seonguk Min, Seon Yong Park, Ji Young Yoon, Hyuck Hoon Kwon, Dae Hun Suh
Volume 95, Issue 5
Mepacrine in Recalcitrant Cutaneous Lupus Erythematosus: Old-fashioned or Still Useful?
Sandrine Benoit, Matthias Goebeler
Volume 93, Issue 3
Skin pH: From Basic SciencE to Basic Skin Care
Saba M. Ali, Gil Yosipovitch
Volume 92, Issue 2
Common Neuropathic Itch Syndromes
Anne Louise Oaklander
Methotrexate Treatment for Pityriasis Rubra Pilaris: A Case Series and Literature Review
Lukas Koch, Clemens Schöffl, Werner Aberer, Cesare Massone
Propionibacterium acnes Abundance Correlates Inversely with Staphylococcus aureus: Data from Atopic Dermatitis Skin Microbiome
Wojciech Francuzik, Kristin Franke, Ralf R. Schumann, Guido Heine, Margitta Worm
Brownish Plaque with Progressive Growth on the Breast: A Quiz
Javier Arellano, Maria Jose Mesa, Yamile Corredoira
Early Relief of Pruritus in Atopic Dermatitis with Crisaborole Ointment, A Non-steroidal, Phosphodiesterase 4 Inhibitor
Gil Yosipovitch, Linda F. Stein Gold, Mark G. Lebwohl, Jonathan I. Silverberg, Anna M. Tallman, Lee T. Zane

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