Content » Vol 79, Issue 6

Clinical Report

Direct or Referral Microscopy of Vaginal Wet Smear for Bacterial Vaginosis: Experience from an STD Clinic

Carsten Sand Petersen, Anne Grethe Danielsen, Jan Renneberg
DOI: 10.1080/00015559975000995


A new wet smear diagnostic criterion for bacterial vaginosis was applied to 124 consecutive female patients attending an STD clinic located in the centre of Copenhagen. Bacterial vaginosis was detected in 54 (44%) women, making bacterial vaginosis the most prevalent pathological condition encountered. A total of 47 (87%) of the women were symptomatic. Concomitant genital infections were found in 13 (24%) of these women, most often as vulvo-vaginal candidiasis. A correct microscopic diagnosis could also be obtained by sending the vaginal smear to the local microbiologist for rehydration and phase contrast microscopy. It is suggested that the previously described vaginal wet smear criteria are used in place of Amsel's criteria for routine diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis.


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