Content » Vol 69, Issue 6

Detection of transferrin and C3d receptors in the skin of patients with various dermatoses

Juhlin L.
DOI: 10.2340/000155556949296


The localization of transferrin and C3d receptors in various skin lesions and normal appearing skin have been studied on sections with the PAP technique. The transferrin receptor was recognized in the lower epidermis from psoriatic plaques. Here it was more evident than in other inflammatory or hyperproliferative disorders where it was mainly detected on the basal cells. In healthy skin or lesions of lichen planus, scleroderma and ichthyosis the transferrin receptor was not detected in the epidermis. The C3d receptor was in normal skin found on the basement membrane and on elastic fibres in the papillary dermis. The basement membrane was strongly marked in pemphigoid but was not seen in lichen planus and Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. In patients with urticaria factitia, contact dematitis, psoriasis and Darier´s disease the suprabasal cells also expressed C3d whereas in other dermatoses the epidermis was negative. Colloid bodies in lichen planus and GVH reactions expressed both the transferrin receptor and C3d.


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