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New staining techniques for the Langerhans cell
Juhlin L, Shelley WB
Three new techniques are described for staining the Langerhans cell in whole mounts of fresh human and guinea pig epidermis. These employ paraphenylenediamine, gold sodium thiomalate and cobalt chloride, respectively, and require appropriate epidermal separation with EDTA, ammonium thiocyanate or sodium bromide. Used in conjunction with a modified adenosine triphosphatase stain, these techniques p ...
Pages: 289-296
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Oral zinc sulphate therapy for acne vulgaris.
Weismann K, Wadskov S, Sondergaard J.
A double-blind controlled clinical trial was performed to evaluate the effect of oral zinc sulphate, 0.6 g daily, on acne vulgaris. Twenty patients received zinc sulphate tablets and 19 were given placebo tablets. Thirteen of the zinc group and 12 of the placebo group received their medication throughout a 12-week period, while the remaining patients were treated for 4 or 8 weeks. In all patients ...
Pages: 357-360
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Azapropazone induced bullous drug eruptions.
Barker DJ, Cotterill JA.
Azapropazone is a new, powerful, antiinflammatory analgesic. Initial trails have confirmed its efficacy as an antirheumatic agent, with a low incidence of adverse reactions. Recently the authors have seen two patients, each of whom developed a distinctive but clinically dissimilar, bizarre, bullous eruption after taking this drug. A brief account of these cases has been published elsewhere (1).
Pages: 461-462
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