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Grading of the severity of atopic dermatitis
Rajka G, Langeland T
A simple system for baseline grading the severity of atopic dermatitis in clinical work, is presented. The grading, which may be carried out on the basis of one single consultation, permits distinction between mild, moderate and severe atopic dermatitis by means of a score summation using the following parameters: 1) extent (by "rule of nine"), 2) course (via history) and 3) intensity (disturbance ...
Pages: 13-14
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Atopic dermatitis in the first six months of life.
Bonifazi E, Meneghini CL.
Pages: 20-22
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Criteria for atopic dermatitis in a Chinese population
Kang KF, Tian RM.
Clinical and laboratory findings were collected from 372 Chinese patients with atopic dermatitis. Based on the data and previous study on the criteria, the authors suggest two basic features and six groups of minor features which were categorized by the possible underlying pathogenic factors; genetics, immunology and pharmacophysiology for the diagnosis of atopic dermatitis.
Pages: 26-27
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Atopic dermatitis and atopy in non-clinical populations.
Visscher MO, Hanifin JM, Bowman WJ, Reed BR.
Pages: 34-40
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New aspects in the pathogenesis of atopic dermatitis.
Bruijnzeel-Koomen CA, Mudde GC, Bruijnzeel PL.
Pages: 58-63
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IgG anti IgE in atopic dermatitis.
Quinti I, Paganelli R, Marone G, Aiuti F.
Pages: 67-69
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Histamine and atopic eczema.
Ring J, Thomas P.
Pages: 70-77
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IgG subclass antibodies to dietary antigens in atopic dermatitis.
Husby S, Schultz Larsen F, Svehag SE.
Pages: 88-92
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Studies of atopic patch tests.
Langeland T, Braathen LB, Borch M.
Pages: 105-109
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Patch test reactions to inhalant allergens in atopic dermatitis.
Reitamo S, Visa K, Kähönen K, Käyhkö K, Lauerma AI, Stubb S, Salo OP.
Pages: 119-121
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Atopic dermatitis and house-dust mites.
Beck HI, Korsgaard J.
Pages: 125-126
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The effect of eicosapentaenoic acid in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. A clinical study.
Søyland E, Rajka G, Bjørneboe A, Bjørneboe GE, Drevon CA.
Page: 139
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Recent investigations on the relationship between fungal skin diseases and atopic dermatitis.
Svejgaard E, Faergeman J, Jemec G, Kieffer M, Ottevanger V.
Pages: 140-142
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Studies on dermographometry in atopic eczema.
Hornstein OP, Heyer G, Langenstein B.
Pages: 146-148
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