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Etiology of vitiligo. A new hypothesis
Ramaiah A, Puri N, Mojamdar M.
Serum from actively repigmenting human vitiligo subjects had maximum mitogenic effect on the growth of melanocytes in culture, followed by the serum from normal donors, and from untreated vitiligo subjects in that order. Based on these findings, a new hypothesis is suggested for the etiology of vitiligo.
Pages: 323-326
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Effects of Single Application of a Moisturizer: Evaporation of Emulsion W ater, Skin Surface Temperature, Electrical Conductance, Electrical Capacitance, and Skin Surface (Emulsion) Lipids
Effects of single application of an oil in water emulsion were studied on the forearm skin of 12 healthy volunteers . Five different non-invasive methods were used. Values were followed for 360 min after application of the emulsion, with the contralateral forearm as untreated control. The evaporation of emulsion water from the skin surface immediately rose to high values, but within 15 min return ...
Pages: 327-330
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Local anaesthesia with a lidocaine/prilocaine cream (EMLA) for cautery of condylomata acuminata on the vulval mucosa. The effect of timing of application of the cream.
Ljunghall K, Lillieborg S.
The analgesic efficacy of a lidocaine/prilocaine cream (EMLA) for the cautery of genital warts was evaluated in an open study. Fifty-two women aged 18 to 28 with at least two condylomata on the vulval mucosa took part. In a pilot study (n = 10) the time of onset of anaesthesia after the application of EMLA to the mucosa was established by pinching with a forceps. All ten patients were anaesthetize ...
Pages: 362-364
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