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Attachment and detachment of human epidermal melanocytes
Warfvinge K, Agdell J, Andersson L, Andersson A.
Human epidermal melanocytes can leave their basal position following topical application of sodium lauryl sulphate. They thereby undergo changes which strongly indicate that the dense plates along their cytomembrane constitute a mechanism for attachment to the basal lamina. These detached melanocytes move rapidly to, or are transported to, more superficial levels of the living epidermis. They are ...
Pages: 189-193
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Plasma concentrations and analgesic effect of EMLA (lidocaine/prilocaine) cream for the cleansing of leg ulcers.
Enander Malmros I, Nilsen T, Lillieborg S
Plasma concentrations of lidocaine and prilocaine were assessed in 8 patients after the application of 8-10 g EMLA 2% cream for 60 min to leg ulcers measuring 31-80 cm2. Maximum individual plasma concentrations were 205 ng/ml for lidocaine and 79 ng/ml for prilocaine, which is twenty times lower than those associated with toxicity. The analgesic effect of EMLA 2% and 5% cream for the surgical clea ...
Pages: 227-230
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