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In vivo hydration and water-retention capacity of stratum corneum in clinically uninvolved skin in atopic and psoriatic patients
Berardesca E, Fideli D, Borroni G, Rabbiosi G, Maibach H
Hydration and the water-retention capacity of stratum corneum have been investigated in uninvolved psoriatic and atopic skin and compared with that of healthy controls. Thirty-three subjects of either sex and matched for age entered the study. The subjects were free from all signs of skin disease and skin dryness. Hydration was evaluated by means of transepidermal water loss and skin capacitance m ...
Pages: 400-404
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Alternative therapy for atopic dermatitis and psoriasis: patient-reported motivation, information source and effect
Jensen P
In a questionnaire study, 227 patients with atopic dermatitis and 215 with psoriasis, who had used alternative medicine, were asked to state their main reason for trying alternative medicine. The answers indicated that the absence of satisfactory effect of physician-provided therapy was the most decisive factor. Their main information sources on alternative therapies were persons without skin dise ...
Pages: 425-428
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Differences in the skin surface pH and bacterial microflora due to the long-term application of synthetic detergent preparations of pH 5.5 and pH 7.0. Results of a crossover trial in healthy volunteers
Korting HC, Hübner K, Greiner K, Hamm G, Braun-Falco O.
Skin cleansing preparations consisting of identical synthetic detergents but differing in pH-value (pH 5.5 and 7.0) were applied twice daily on the forehead and forearm of healthy volunteers in a randomized crossover trial. The skin surface pH was found to be significantly higher when the neutral preparation had been used, as was the propionibacterial count (p less than 0.05). The number of propio ...
Pages: 429-431
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