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The influence of water, glycerin, paraffin oil and ethanol on skin mechanics
Overgaard Olsen L, Jemec GB
Moisturizers and emollients do not only smooth the skin but also make it more supple. To clarify this effect, the short-term influence of tap water, paraffin oil, ethanol and glycerin on skin mechanics was studied. These substances are all common ingredients in moisturizers and emollients. Significant changes were seen already after 10 min of application. The distensibility and hysteresis (creep p ...
Pages: 404-406
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Quality of life in chronic leg ulcer patients. An assessment according to the Nottingham Health Profile
Lindholm C, Bjellerup M, Christensen OB, Zederfeldt B
Chronic leg ulcer is a disease of long duration, occurring predominantly in elderly people. Traditionally, little interest has been devoted to the study of the impact of this disease on life quality. In the present study the Nottingham Health Profile (NHP) was used to assess disease influence on six areas of daily life, namely: pain, physical mobility, sleep, energy, emotional reactions and social ...
Pages: 440-443
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