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Atopic Dermatitis: Summary of the 1st Georg Rajka Symposium 1998 and a Literature Review
Kristian Thestrup-Pedersen, Johannes Ring
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Pages: 257-264
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Minocycline Modulation of Alpha-MSH Production by Keratinocytes In vitro
I. Sainte-Marie, I. Tenaud, O. Jumbou, B. Dréno
The anti-inflammatory mechanisms of minocycline, an antibiotic used in the treatment of the inflammatory component of acne, are only partially understood. In addition to inflammation due to cytokines (IL-1, IL-6, TNF-α, etc.), recent studies have shown that neuropeptide-mediated neurogenic inflammation may play an important role in cutaneous inflammation. The purpose of this study was to investi ...
Pages: 265-267
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Expression of Cell-cycle Proteins p53, p21 (WAF-1), PCNA and Ki-67 in Benign, Premalignant and Malignant Skin Lesions with Implicated HPV Involvement
S. Lu, J. Tiekso, S. Hietanen, K. Syrjänen, V. K. Havu, S. Syrjänen
A series of 120 biopsies from benign (verruca vulgaris and keratoacanthoma), premalignant (actinic keratosis and extragenital Bowen's disease) and malignant (squamous cell carcinoma) skin lesions were studied immunohistochemically for the expression of cell-cycle proteins p53, p21 (WAF-1), PCNA and Ki-67. The presence of human papillomavirus (HPV) DNA in these samples had been analysed previously ...
Pages: 268-273
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Distribution to the Skin of Penciclovir After Oral Famciclovir Administration in Healthy Volunteers: Comparison of the Suction Blister Technique and Cutaneous Microdialysis
Natalia Borg, Eva Götharson, Eva Benfeldt, Lotte Groth, Lars Ståhle
Penciclovir is a drug active against herpes simplex viruses located in the epidermis basal layer. The aim of this study was to compare the suction blister technique and microdialysis as methods to measure the penciclovir concentration in the skin after a single dose (250 mg) of its prodrug, famciclovir. Suction blister fluid, microdialysates and plasma were sampled from 11 healthy volunteers for ...
Pages: 274-277
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A Study of the Solar Effect on Actinic Keratoses by Quantification of Elastic Fibres Using an Image Analysis System
Chang Geun Cho, Ho Yeun Jo, Hyun Chul Choi, Il-Hwan Kim, Hae Jun Song, Chil Hwan Oh
It is widely accepted that elastotic changes of the skin are primarily an indicator of cumulative sun exposure of the dermis and are a characteristic finding of actinic keratoses. To date, there have been few reports that measure the amount of elastic tissue objectively and quantitatively, especially in actinic keratoses. The computerized image analysis method has proved useful recently in determ ...
Pages: 278-280
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Expression of the Psoriasis-associated Antigen, Pso p27, is Inhibited by Cyclosporin A
Morten Dalaker, Trond Jacobsen, Hilde Lysvand, Ole-Jan Iversen
The psoriasis-associated antigen, pso p27, can be isolated from psoriasis scale and is present in complement-activating immune complexes in psoriatic scale, and in serum from patients with psoriasis. The antigen is produced by tryptase-positive cells in the skin lesions and is shown to be a major antigen in the immune reactions in psoriasis. The synthesis of this particular antigen is reduced wit ...
Pages: 281-284
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Analysis of Elastin Metabolism in Patients with Late-onset Focal Dermal Elastosis
Shingo Tajima, Nobuhiko Tanaka, Yoshihiro Ohnishi, Akira Ishibashi, Hiroyoshi Kajiya, Toru Osakabe, Yoshiyuki Seyama, Hiroshi Sakamoto
Late-onset focal dermal elastosis has recently been described as new clinical entity characterized by pseudoxanthoma elasticum-like eruptions and an accumulation of normal-appearing elastic fibres in the dermis. Elastin and collagen contents of the skin of 2 patients were 2- and 1.4-fold higher than in the skin of controls, respectively. A focal accumulation of elastin but not of fibrillin-1 was ...
Pages: 285-287
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Blister Fluid Cytokines in Cutaneous Inflammatory Bullous Disorders
Lesley E. Rhodes, Ibrahim A. Hashim, P. Jeremy McLaughlin, Peter S. Friedmann
Cytokines are important regulators of immune and inflammatory reactions in the skin, and may contribute to inflammatory blister induction. We examined the profiles of interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumour necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) in fluid of spontaneous blisters in the immune-based inflammatory disorders bullous pemphigoid (8 patients), allergic contact dermatitis (5 patients) and toxic epidermal ne ...
Pages: 288-290
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Chronic Ulcers: A Method for Sampling and Analysis of Wound Fluid
Artur Schmidtchen
There is growing evidence that chronic wounds show specific temporospatial patterns with respect to the expression of various molecules such as proteinases and their inhibitors. A careful analysis of molecules in the exudate of chronic wounds can be expected to provide useful information regarding events in the underlying tissue. In this connection there is a need for a method applicable to large ...
Pages: 291-295
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Patch-test Reactions to Plastic and Glue Allergens
Lasse Kanerva, Riitta Jolanki, Kristiina Alanko, Tuula Estlander
Plastics and glues are common causes of occupational dermatoses, but only few reports have dealt with patch-test reactions caused by plastic and glue allergens. Patients exposed to plastics and remitted to an occupational dermatology clinic, were patch-tested with 50-53 plastic and glue allergens during a 6-year period. Conventional patch-test techniques were used. The most common causes of aller ...
Pages: 296-300
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Clinical and Dermatoscopic Diagnosis of Malignant Melanoma: Assessed by Expert and Non-expert Groups
Henrik Lorentzen, Kaare Weismann, Carsten Sand Petersen, Frederik Grønhøj Larsen, Lena Secher, Vera Skødt
We investigated the nosographic and diagnostic probabilities and likelihood ratios of dermatoscopy in order to evaluate the method's role in decision-making regarding melanoma. Clinical slides and dermatoscopic photos were obtained from 232 patients referred for dermatoscopy. Four dermatoscopy "experts" and 5 "non-experts" assessed the slides. Diagnoses were compared with histopathology. Sensitiv ...
Pages: 301-304
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Hypopigmented Macules of Photodamaged Skin and Their Treatment with Topical Tretinoin
Alessandra Pagnoni, Albert M. Kligman, Iqbal Sadiq, Tracy Stoudemayer
Hypopigmented macules are frequently observed in the photodamaged skin of elderly people. We undertook to study and treat 2 types of hypomelanosis of photoaged skin. These lesions were: 1) idiopathic guttate hypomelanosis; and 2) macular hypomelanosis. Comparative studies included: 1) high-resolution photography using parallel polarized light, ultra-violet (UVA) and epiluminescence; 2) Silflo rep ...
Pages: 305-310
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Detection of Human Papilloma Virus Type 56 in Extragenital Bowen's Disease
Hiroshi Uezato, Keisuke Hagiwara, Saeef Taher Ramuzi, Noor Mohammad Khaskhely, Tomoko Nagata, Yasushi Nagamine, Shigeo Nonaka, Tsuyoshi Asato, Minoru Oshiro
A case of Bowen's disease arising on the medial part of the first metatarsal bone of an 81-year-old Japanese woman is described. Histopathologically, proliferation of atypical cells was found throughout the epidermis. Electronmicroscopy revealed virus particles 40-50 nm in diameter in the nuclei of tumour cells at the granular cells just on or below the horny layer. Positive bands were obtained b ...
Pages: 311-313
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Naevi as a Risk Factor for Basal Cell Carcinoma in Caucasians: a Danish Case-control Study
Jørgen Lock-Andersen, Krzysztof T. Drzewiecki, Hans Christian Wulf
The number of melanocytic naevi in Caucasians is related to previous exposure to the sun and is a well-documented major risk factor for cutaneous malignant melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma, which is the most common form of skin cancer, has also been shown to be related to exposure to the sun. To investigate whether the number of common naevi is a risk factor for basal cell carcinoma in Caucasians w ...
Pages: 314-319
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Larval Therapy for a Leg Ulcer with Methicillin-resistant Staphyloccocus aureus
H. Wolff, C. Hansson
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Pages: 320-321
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Atypical Involvement of the Palms and Soles in a Varicella Infection
Eduardo Nagore, José M. Sánchez-Motilla, Natalia Julve, Carmen Lecuona, Vicente Oliver
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Page: 322
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Telangiectasia and Gingival Hyperplasia as Side-effects of Amlodipine (Norvasc) in a 3-year-old Girl
C. J. M. van der Vleuten, M. A. J. M. Trijbels-Smeulders, P. C. M. van de Kerkhof
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Pages: 323-324
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Skin Calcinosis Following Allogenic Bone Marrow Transplantation in an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Patient
D. Guberman, L. T. Gilead, A. Nagler
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Pages: 324-325
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Plasmapheresis Treatment for Bullous Pemphigoid Induces Marked Reduction of the Serum IL-6 Level Rather than the Titre of Circulating Autoantibodies
Masako Katsuno, Yasuyuki Sugita, Eriko Okano, Hirokazu Tokura, Tetsuo Nagatani, Hiroshi Nakajima
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Page: 326
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Primary Cutaneous Actinomycosis
Kaushal K. Verma, Shruti Lakhanpal, C. S. Sirka, Binod K. Khaitan, M. Ramam, Uma Banerjee
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Page: 327
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Cutaneous Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis with Positive Anti-neutrophil Cytoplasmic Antibodies
Mazen S. Daoud, Lawrence E. Gibson*, Ulrich Specks
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Pages: 328-329
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Naproxen-induced Lichen Planus Bullosus
zebnem Özkan, Fatih Izler, Emel Fetil, Fahrinur Dorak, Ali Tahsin Günes¸
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Pages: 329-330
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Shave Excision as an Adjunct to the Therapy of a Rhinophyma-like Complication in Post-kala-azar Dermal Leishmaniasis
V. Ramesh, R.S Misra, Niti Khunger, K.R Beena, Poonam Salotra, A. Mukherjee
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Pages: 330-331
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Eosinophilic Cellulitis in a Child Successfully Treated with Cetirizine
Kyriaki Aroni, Markos Aivaliotis, Anna Liossi, Pangiotis Davaris
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Page: 332
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Hydroxychloroquine-induced Pruritus
S. A. Holme, S. C. Holmes
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Page: 333
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Cutaneous Granulomas in a Patient with Common Variable Immunodeficiency
César Álvarez-Cuesta, Luis Molinos, José A. Cascante, TomÁs Soler, Narciso Pérez-Oliva
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Page: 334
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