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Allergy to Nickel: Yes – but how does it get into the skin?
Anders Vahlquist
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Human Stratum Corneum Penetration by Nickel
Jurij J. Hostýnek, Frank Dreher, Alessandra Pelosi, Angela Anigbogu, Howard I. Maibach
Sequential tape stripping was implemented on three healthy volunteers to examine the surface distribution of nickel through human stratum corneum in vivo following occlusive application of the metal as powder on the volar forearm. Exposure sites were stripped 20 times at intervals from 5min to 96h postdosing and the strips analyzed for metal content by Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectroscop ...
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Human Stratum Corneum Adsorption of Nickel Salts
Jurij J. Hostýnek, Frank Dreher, Tokio Nakada, Doris Schwindt, Angela Anigbogu, Howard I. Maibach
Sequential adhesive tape stripping was implemented to characterize the penetration of nickel salts in human stratum corneum. Exposure areas of the salts in methanol applied open on arm and back skin in low volume were stripped 20 times to the level of the glistening layer at intervals of 30min to 24h post-dosing, and the strips analyzed for metal content by inductively coupled plasma-atomic emiss ...
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In Vitro Permeation of Nickel Salts Through Human Stratum Corneum
Hanafi Tanojo, Jurij J. Hostýnek, H. Scott Mountford, Howard I. Maibach
Allergic contact dermatitis due to nickel salts is common. It is therefore important to measure the permeation of these salts through the stratum corneum (SC), the primary rate-limiting domain in skin. An advanced diffusion system and analytical techniques now enable better measurement of the flux than was possible in earlier experiments. Human SC was prepared by trypsinization of dermatomed cada ...
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