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Perspectives in Dermatology. Pruritus: A Review
Elke Weisshaar, Michael J. Kucenic, Alan B. Fleischer Jr.
The history, neurophysiology, clinical aspects and treatment of pruritus are reviewed in this article. The different forms of pruritus in dermatological and systemic diseases are described, and the various aetiologies and pathophysiology of pruritus in systemic diseases are discussed. Lack of understanding of the neurophysiology and pathophysiology of pruritus has hampered the development o ...
Pages: 5-32
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Perspectives in Dermatology. The Clinical Spectrum of Congenital Ichtyosis in Sweden: A Review of 127 Cases
Anders Vahlquist, Agneta Gånemo, Maritta Pigg, Marie Virtanen, Per Westermark
Congenital ichthyosis comprises a rare group of usually monogenetic diseases that present at birth as a collodion phenotype or as variable degrees of ichthyosiform erythroderma, with or without superficial blisters. Depending on which gene mutation causes the disease, the skin problems later in life may range from a severe lamellar or bullous ichthyosis to mild or only focally expressed hyp ...
Pages: 34-47
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