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  • Review: TENS in spasticity, balance, and walking speed in stroke patients
    Shuqin Lin, Qi Sun, Haifeng Wang, Guomin Xie
  • Review: Mirror therapy for upper extremity motor function in stroke
    Wen Zeng, Yonghong Guo, Guofeng Wu, Xueyan Liu, Qian Fang
  • Five-Step Test for stroke survivors
    Shamay S.M. Ng, Mimi M.Y. Tse , Eric W.C. Tam, Cynthia Y.Y. Lai
  • Value of botulinum toxin for spastic cerebral palsy
    Fabienne Schasfoort, Annet Dallmeijer, Robert Pangalila, Coriene Catsman, Henk Stam, Jules Becher, Ewout Steyerberg, Suzanne Polinder, Johannes Bussmann
  • Combined rehabilitation programme for patients with multiple sclerosis
    Sophie Hameau, Djamel Bensmail, Nicolas Roche, Raphael Zory
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EDITORIAL - 2017-12-22
A time for change!
Henk Stam, Kristian Borg and Agneta Andersson
SPECIAL REPORT - 2017-04-04
Strengthening health-related rehabilitation services at national levels
Christoph Gutenbrunner, Jerome Bickenbach, John Melvin, Jorge Lains, Boya Nugraha

SPECIAL REPORT - 2017-01-31
World Health Organization Global Disability Action Plan: The Mongolian Perspective
Fary Khan, Bhasker Amatya, Baljnnyam Avirmed, Yoon Kyoung Yi, Batchimeg Shirmen, Geoff Abbott, Mary P. Galea

From current issue: 1 (50)
Value of botulinum toxin injections preceding a comprehensive rehabilitation period for children with spastic cerebral palsy: A cost-effectiveness study
Fabienne Schasfoort, Annet Dallmeijer, Robert Pangalila, Coriene Catsman, Henk Stam, Jules Becher, Ewout Steyerberg, Suzanne Polinder, Johannes Bussmann
Objective: Despite the widespread use of botulinum toxin in ambulatory children with spastic cerebral palsy, its value prior to intensive physiotherapy with adjunctive casting/orthoses remains unclear. Design: A pragmatically designed, multi-centre trial, comparing the effectiveness of botulinum toxin + intensive physiotherapy with intensive physiotherapy alone, including economic evaluation. ...
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Volume 48, Issue 9
Robotic-assisted locomotor training enhances ankle performance in adults with incomplete spinal cord injury
Vennila Krishnan, Matthew Kindig, Mehdi Mirbagheri
Volume 48, Issue 10
High- and low-intensity exercise do not improve cognitive function after stroke: A randomized controlled trial
Ada Tang, Janice J. Eng, Andrei V. Krassioukov, Teresa S.M. Tsang, Teresa Liu-Ambrose
Volume 47, Issue 3
Screening for cognitive impairment after stroke: A systematic review of psychometric properties and clinical utility
Louisa Burton, Sarah F. Tyson
Volume 45, Issue 6
When is a research question not a research question?
Nancy E. Mayo, Miho Asano, Skye Pamela Barbic
Relationships between internal and external handcycle training load in people with spinal cord injury training for the handbikebattle
Sonja de Groot, Sven P. Hoekstra, Paul Grandjean Perrenod Comtesse, Ingrid Kouwijzer, Linda J. Valent
Effectiveness of ultrasound-guided vs direct approach corticosteroid injections for carpal tunnel syndrome: A double-blind randomized controlled trial
Po-Cheng Chen, Lin-Yi Wang, Ya-Ping Pong, Yi-Jung Hsin, Mei-Yun Liaw, Chia-Wei Chiang
Effect of postsurgical rehabilitation programmes in patients operated for lung cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis
Maja S. Sommer , Maja E.B Staerkind, Jan Christensen, Jette Vibe-Petersen, Klaus R. Larsen, Jesper Holst Pedersen, Henning Langberg
Effectiveness of conservative treatment for patellofemoral pain syndrome: A systematic review controlled study and meta-analysis
Mikhail Saltychev, Rebecca A. Dutton, Katri Laimi, Gary S. Beaupré, Petri Virolainen, Michael Fredericson

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