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Case report

Post-polio syndrome, spinal cord injury and statin myopathy: Double trouble or incorrect diagnosis? Two case reports

Lars Werhagen , Kristian Borg
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0839


Objective: To discuss the importance of a thorough clinical examination and evaluation of symptoms in upper and lower motor neurone lesions.
Design: Case report.
Methods: Post-polio outpatient clinic, Danderyds University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. We describe here two patients with a past history of poliomyelitis, who were experiencing increasing muscular weakness. Clinical evaluation led to diagnoses of spinal cord injury and statin myopathy, respectively.
Conclusion: In order to make a correct diagnosis it is essential to distinguish between lower and upper motor neurone lesions. In the case of a lower motor neurone disorder a neurophysiological examination is necessary for a correct diagnosis, and is a prerequisite for adequate treatment and rehabilitation.

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