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Original report

Self-selected walking speed in patients with hemiparesis after stroke

U S Witte 1, J Y Carlsson
Department of Neurological Rehabilitation, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Göteborg, Sweden.
DOI: 10.2340/16501977199729161165


"Self-selected walking speed" was measured in 18 patients with hemiparesis after stroke and compared with that in a healthy control group. The average speed of the patient group for a 30 m walk was 0.78 m/s (SD 0.24) and of the control group 1.69 m/s (SD 0.05). The intraindividual variation for the patients was 0.004 m/s and the interindividual variation 0.37 m/s. For the controls, the corresponding values were 0.000 m/s and 0.003 m/s, respectively. "Self-selected walking speed" correlated significantly with "functional walking test" (r = 0.91) and, "number of steps" (r=0.97) as well as with self-assessment scores of walking ability and stiffness, the degree of motor function of the lower extremities, muscle tone and balance. The significant correlation between "self-selected walking speed" and other studied tests strengthens their validity and implies that they can be used separately or in combination to evaluate the effect of rehabilitation programmes in patients with hemiparesis after stroke.

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