Content » Vol 17, Issue 3

Original report

Simulation of Paretic Gait in Normal Subjects by Loading the Ankles

S T Eke-Okoro, L E Larsson, B Sandlund
DOI: 10.2340/165019778517147150


Normal subjects were loaded with increasing weights (2-6 kg) applied around the ankles. During these conditions stride length increased in relation to velocity. The percentage duration of single support in relation to stride duration increased. Provided the same load was applied around both ankles increase was symmetrical. Consequently there was also an increase of swing as well as a decrease of stance and of double support. The results contrast in all respects to what was found in previous experiments when the load was carried in the hand. During these conditions stride length decreased as well as the duration of single support. The two experimental conditions differed in that with ankle loading the swing phase was loaded while in the other case stance was loaded. The two types of experiment may help to explain why some patients with paretic legs walk with short strides, while others walk with strides that are normal or slightly prolonged.

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