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2016-09-21Effects of early whole-body vibration treatment on knee neuromuscular function and postural control after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: A randomized controlled trial
Eugenio Maria Pistone, Luca Laudani, Gianluca Camillieri, Alessandra Di Cagno, Gabriele Tomassi , Andrea Macaluso , Arrigo Giombini
2016-09-21The Swedish version of the Acceptance of Chronic Health Conditions Scale for people with multiple sclerosis: translation, cultural adaptation and psychometric properties
Mia Forslin, Anders Kottorp, Marie Kierkegaard, Sverker Johansson
2016-09-16JRM Goes Immediate Open Access!
Kristian Borg and Henk Stam
2016-09-16A medical social work perspective on rehabilitation
Kerstin Sjögren Fugl-Meyer
2016-09-14Stochastic resonance therapy induces increased movement related caudate nucleus activity
Oliver Kaut, Benjamin Becker, Christine Schneider, Feng Zhou, Klaus Fliessbach, René Hurlemann, Ullrich Wüllner
2016-09-08Active lung volume recruitment to preserve vital capacity in Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Michael Chiou, John R. Bach, Lavina Jethani, Michael F. Gallagher
2016-09-08Multiple sclerosis and employment: Associations of psychological factors and work instability
Charlotte Rose Wicks, Karl Ward, Amanda Stroud, Alan Tennant, Helen L. Ford
2016-09-08Vocational rehabilitation in European physical and rehabilitation medicine training
Mikhail Saltychev, Katri Laimi
2016-09-06Recovery of sit-to-stand function in patients with intensive-care-unit-acquired muscle weakness: Results from the General Weakness Syndrome Therapy cohort study.
Simone Thomas, Jane H. Burridge, Marcus Pohl , Frank Oehmichen, Jan Mehrholz
2016-09-06Robotic-assisted locomotor training enhances ankle performance in adults with incomplete spinal cord injury
Vennila Krishnan, Matthew Kindig, Mehdi Mirbagheri
2016-08-24Dopamine-independent effects of combining transcranial direct current stimulation with cued gait training on cortical excitability and functional mobility in Parkinson’s disease
Adriana Costa-Ribeiro, Ariadne Maux , Thamyris Bosford, Yumi Tenório, Déborah Marques, Maíra Carneiro, Michael A. Nitsche , Alberto Moura Filho, Kátia Monte-Silva
2016-08-24Impaired cardiorespiratory fitness after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage
Wouter J. Harmsen, Gerard M. Ribbers, Bart Zegers, Emiel M. Sneekes, Majanka H. Heijenbrok-Kal, Ladbon Khajeh, Fop van Kooten, Sebastiaan J.C.M.M Neggers, Rita J.G. van den Berg-Emons
2016-08-24Effect of cumulative repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on freezing of gait in patients with atypical parkinsonism: A pilot study
Won Hyuk Chang, Min Su Kim, Jin Whan Cho, Jinyoung Youn, Yun Kwan Kim, Sun Woong Kim, Ahee Lee, Yun-Hee Kim
2016-08-23Mirror therapy for distal radial fractures: A pilot randomized controlled study
Manuel Bayon-Calatayud, Ana Maria Benavente-Valdepeñas, Maria del Prado Vazquez-Muñoz
2016-08-18Early access to vocational rehabilitation for inpatients with spinal cord injury: A study of staff perceptions
Deborah Johnston, Kumaran Ramakrishnan, Belinda Garth, Gregory Murphy, James W. Middleton, Ian D. Cameron
2016-07-11Leg amputation and dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa: A case report with 15 years of follow-up
André Thevenon, Marguerite Preud'homme, Philippe Patenotre, Benoit Catteau, Anne Blanchard-Dauphin, Valérie Wieczorek, Vincent Tiffreau
2016-07-11Validation of the ”activity and participation” component of ICF core sets for stroke patients in Japanese rehabilitation wards
Shoji Kinoshita, Masahiro Abo, Kohei Miyamura, Takatsugu Okamoto, Wataru Kakuda, Ikuo Kimura, Hiroshi Urabe