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2014-04-24Self-reported fatigue and physical function in late mid-life
Han Boter, Minna Mänty, Åse Marie Hansen , Tibor Hortobágyi, Kirsten Avlund
2014-04-23Effect of a fibromyalgia rehabilitation programme in warm versus cold climate: A randomized controlled study
Anne-Cathrine Clarke-Jenssen, Anne Marit Mengshoel, Yndis Staalesen Strumse, Karin Øien Forseth
2014-04-09Long-term outcomes of a multidisciplinary cognitive behavioral programme for coping with chronic neuropathic spinal cord injury pain
Matagne Heutink, Marcel WM Post, Peter Luthart, Marijke Schuitemaker, Sandra Slangen, Jolante Sweers, Lonneke Vlemmix, Eline Lindeman
2014-04-03Health-related physical fitness of ambulatory adolescents and young adults with spastic cerebral palsy
Carla Nooijen, Jorrit Slaman, Wilma van der Slot, Henk Stam, Marij Roebroeck, Rita van den Berg-Emons
2014-04-02Use and effects of custom-made therapeutic footwear on lower-extremity related pain and activity limitations in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: A prospective observational study of a cohort
Rutger Dahmen, Saskia Buijsmann, Petra C. Siemonsma, Maarten Boers, Gustaaf J. Lankhorst, Leo D. Roorda
2014-04-02Neuromuscular electrical stimulation cycling exercise for persons with advanced multiple sclerosis
Fornusek Ché, Hoang Phu
2014-04-01The effectiveness of working wrist splints in adults with rheumatoid arthritis: A mixed methods systematic review
Lucia Ramsey, Robert John Winder , Joseph G. McVeigh
2014-03-28Functional goal achievement in post-stroke spasticity patients: The BOTOX® Economic Spasticity Trial (BEST)
Anthony B. Ward, Jörg Wissel, Jörgen Borg, Per Ertzgaard, Christoph Herrmann, Jai Kulkarni, Kristina Lindgren, Iris Reuter, Mohamed Sakel, Patrik Säterö, Satyendra Sharma, Theodore Wein, Nicola Wright, Antony Fulford-Smith, on behalf of the BEST Study Group
2014-03-28Neck pain intensity does not predict pressure pain hyperalgesia: re-analysis of seven randomized controlled trials
Romy Lauche, Holger Cramer , Jost Langhorst, Gustav Dobos, Björn Gerdle
2014-03-25Dynamic weight loading in older people with hip fracture
Akke Bakker, Taco J. Blokhuis, Michelle D.M.E. Meeks, Hermie J. Hermens, Herman R. Holtslag
2014-03-25Isotopic scintigraphy combined with computed tomography: A useful method for investigating inefficiency of intrathecal baclofen
Flavie Frémondière, Virginie Saoût , Franck Lacoeuille, Anne-Laure Ferrapie , Philippe Menei, Olivier Couturier , Isabelle Richard, Mickaël Dinomais
2014-03-24The relative effect of coping strategy and depression on health-related quality of life in patients in the chronic phase after stroke
Marieke M. Visser, Laurien Aben, Majanka H. Heijenbrok-Kal, Jan J.V. Busschbach, Gerard M. Ribbers
2014-03-19Rasch validation of the Activities-specific Balance Confidence Scale and its short versions in patients with Parkinsons disease
Franco Franchignoni, Andrea Giordano, Gianpaolo Ronconi, Alessia Rabini, Giorgio Ferriero
2014-03-17Botulinum neurotoxin treatment for spasticity: The role of electromyography guidance
Ole Jakob Vilholm, Jens Bo Nielsen
2014-03-10Client-centred therapy in multiple sclerosis: More intensive diagnostic evaluation and less intensive treatment
Isaline C. J. M Eyssen, Joost Dekker, Vincent de Groot, Esther M. J Steultjens , Dirk L. Knol, Chris H. Polman, Martijn P.M. Steultjens