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2015-03-24Factors associated with work ability in patients with chronic whiplash-associated disorder grade II-III: A cross-sectional analysis
Louise Agnew, Venerina Johnston, Maria Landén Ludvigsson, Gunnel Peterson, Thomas Overmeer, Gun Johansson, Anneli Peolsson
2015-03-23Ability to work in anaerobic condition is associated with physical performance on the six-minute walk test in older patients receiving cardiac rehabilitation
Guido Pasquini, Federica Vannetti, Raffaele Molino-Lova
2015-03-20Six weeks’ aerobic retraining after two weeks’ immobilization restores leg lean mass and aerobic capacity but does not fully rehabilitate leg strenght in young and older men
Andreas Vigelsø , Martin Gram , Caroline Wiuff , Jesper L. Andersen, Jørn W. Helge, Flemming Dela
2015-03-17Preserved somatosensory conduction in a patient with complete cervical spinal cord injury
Amar Awad, Richard Levi, Lenita Lindgren , Claes Hultling, Göran Westling , Lars Nyberg, Johan Eriksson
2015-03-11Rasch validation of the Prosthetic Mobility Questionnaire: A new outcome measure for assessing mobility in people with lower limb amputation
Franco Franchignoni, Marco Monticone, Andrea Giordano, Barbara Rocca
2015-03-10Computer simulation of improvements in hospital length of stay for rehabilitation patients
Peter W. New, Keith Stockman , Peter A. Cameron, John H. Olver, Johannes U. Stoelwinder
2015-03-10Development and preliminary evaluation of the caregiver assistive technology outcome measure
W. Ben Mortenson, Louise Demers, Marcus J. Fuhrer, Jeffrey W. Jutai, James Lenker, Frank DeRuyter
2015-02-27Physical function, pain, quality of life and life satisfaction of amputees from the 2008 Sichuan earthquake: A prospective cohort study
Ling Li, Jan D. Reinhardt, Xia Zhang, Andrew Pennycott, Zhengen Zhao, Xianmen Zeng, Jianan Li
2015-02-27Efficacy of gait training using a treadmill with and without visual biofeedback in patients after stroke: A randomized study
Mariusz Drużbicki , Agnieszka Guzik, Grzegorz Przysada , Andrzej Kwolek, Agnieszka Brzozowska-Magoń
2015-02-25Do existing patient-report activity outcome measures accurately reflect day-to-day arm use following adult traumatic brachial plexus injury?
Bridget Hill, Gavin Williams, John H. Olver, Andrea Bialocerkowski
2015-02-23Interpreting physical and behavioral health scores from new work disability instruments
Elizabeth E. Marfeo, Pengsheng Ni, Leighton Chan, Elizabeth K. Rasch, Christine M. McDonough, Diane E. Brandt, Kara Bogusz, Alan M. Jette
2015-02-12Development and testing psychometric properties of an ICF-based health measure: The Neuromuscular Disease Impact Profile
Isaäc Bos, Jan B.M. Kuks, Klaske Wynia
2015-02-11Functional performance is associated with both knee extensor and flexor muscle strength in patients scheduled for total knee arthroplasty: A cross-sectional study
Birgit Skoffer, Ulrik Dalgas, Inger Mechlenburg, Kjeld Søballe, Thomas Maribo