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2014-10-14Functional effects of botulinum toxin type-A treatment and subsequent stretching of spastic calf muscles: A study in patients with hereditary spastic paraplegia
Mark de Niet, Susanne T. De Bot, Bart P.C. van de Warrenburg , Vivian Weerdesteyn, Alexander C. Geurts
2014-10-07Systematic review of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS) for functional performance in the lower limb
Stephen Ashford, Susan Brown , Lynne Turner-Stokes
2014-10-01Machines that go ”ping” may improve balance but may not improve mobility or reduce risk of falls: A systematic review
Amy M Dennett, Nicholas F. Taylor
2014-10-01What is covered by ”Cancer Rehabilitation” in PubMed? A review of randomized controlled trials 1990–2011
Sævar Berg Gudbergsson, Alv A. Dahl, Jon Håvard Loge, Lene Thorsen , Line M. Oldervoll , Ellen K. Grov
2014-10-01Patterns of acute whiplash-associated disorder in the Lithuanian population after road traffic accidents
Evelina Pajediene , Jolita Janusauskaite , Gintaute Samusyte, Kestutis Stasaitis , Kestutis Petrikonis , Indre Bileviciute-Ljungar
2014-10-01Switch from abobotulinumtoxinA (Dysport®) to incobotulinumtoxinA (Xeomin®) botulinum toxin formulation: A review of 257 cases
Donald G. Grosset, Elaine G. Tyrrell , Katherine A. Grosset
2014-09-25Hand grip fatigability in persons with multiple sclerosis according to hand dominance and disease progression
Deborah Severijns, Ilse Lamers, Lore Kerkhofs, Peter Feys
2014-09-23Impaired motor control due to proprioceptive sensory loss in a patient with cerebral infarction localized to the postcentral gyrus
Hiroyuki Kato, Masahiro Izumiyama
2014-09-17An examination of camptocormia assessment by dynamic quantification of sagittal posture
Mathieu Panchoa de Sèze, Etienne Guillaud, Laure Slugacz, Jean René Cazalets
2014-09-17Factors predicting the total medical costs associated with first-ever ischemic stroke patients transferred to the rehabilitation ward
Chien-Min Chen , Chia-Hao Chang, Hung-Chih Hsu, Chu-Hsu Lin , Kai-Hua Chen
2014-09-16Multiprofessional teamwork in work-related medical rehabilitation for patients with chronic musculoskeletal disorders
Betje Schwarz , Silke Neuderth, Christoph Gutenbrunner, Matthias Bethge
2014-09-08Dynamics of endogenous endothelial progenitor cells homing modulated by physiological ischemia training
Chunxiao Wan, Jianan Li, Chengjian Yang, Dayi Hu, Sheng Bi
2014-09-08Balance ability measured with the Berg Balance Scale: A determinant of fall history in community-dwelling adults with leg amputation
Christopher Kevin Wong, Christine C. Chen, Wren M. Blackwell , Rana T. Rahal , Stephany A. Benoy
2014-08-27Effect of rehabilitation and botulinum toxin injection on gait in chronic stroke patients: A randomized controlled study
Nicolas Roche, Raphaël Zory, Antoine Sauthier , Celine Bonnyaud, Didier Pradon, Djamel Bensmail
2014-08-26Shoulder pain in primary care – Part 2: Predictors of clinical outcome to 12 months
Mark Laslett, Michael Steele, Wayne Hing, Peter McNair, Angela Cadogan
2014-08-26Parkinson’s Disease: A population-based investigation of life satisfaction and employment
Helena Gustafsson , Peter Nordström, Stefan Nilsson , Anna Nordström
2014-08-26Echocardiographic abnormalities in patients with stroke during the subacute rehabilitation phase
Masahiro Tsujikawa , Yohei Otaka, Rei Hasegawa, Kunitsugu Kondo , Meigen Liu