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2015-07-28Supporting rehabilitation in developing countries
M. Anne Chamberlain, Alan Tennant
2015-07-16Health-related quality of life of fracture victims four years after the 2008 Sichuan earthquake
Qiang Gao, Aaron Leung, Jan D. Reinhardt , Fuming Zhang, Qiu Liang , Baoyu Chen, Wei Meng , Winson Lee, Hongchen He
2015-07-15Isometric and isokinetic muscle strength in the upper extremity can be reliably measured in persons with chronic stroke
Elisabeth Ekstrand, Jan Lexell, Christina Brogårdh
2015-07-14Rasch analysis of the Neck Bournemouth Questionnaire to measure disability related to chronic neck pain
Tommaso Geri, Daniele Piscitelli , Roberto Meroni , Francesca Bonetti , Giuseppe Giovannico , Roberto Traversi , Marco Testa
2015-07-14Relevance of cognition to health-related quality of life in good-outcome surviors of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
Marte Ørbo , Per M. Aslaksen , Kristina Larsby, Christoph Schäfer, Pål M. Tande , Torgil R. Vangberg, Audny Anke
2015-07-09Rehabilitation outcomes in persons with spina bifida: A randomised controlled trial
Fary Khan, Bhasker Amatya, Louisa Ng, Mary Galea
2015-07-09A Rehabilitation training partnership in Madagascar
Sonia Andrianabela , Ram Hariharan, Helen L. Ford , M. Anne Chamberlain
2015-06-30Capturing step counts at slow walking speeds in older adults: Comparison of ankle and waist placement of measuring device
Lisa A. Simpson, Janice J. Eng, Tara D. Klassen , Shannon B. Lim , Dennis R. Louie , Beena Parappilly, Brodie M. Sakakibara, Dominik Zbogar
2015-06-30Low-frequency repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation for patients with aphasia after stoke: A meta-analysis
Yi Li , Yun Qu, Mengwei Yuan , Tianhui Du
2015-06-25Improved oxygenation during standing performance of deep breathing exercises with positive expiratory pressure after cardiac surgery: A randomized controlled trial
Henrik Pettersson, Gun Faager, Elisabeth Westerdahl
2015-06-23Accelerometric assessment of different dimensions of natural walking during the first year after stroke: Recovery of amount, distribution, quality and speed of walking
Marina Castel Sánchez , Johannes Bussmann, Wim Janssen, Herwin Horemans, Sebastian Chastin, Majanka Heijenbrok, Henk Stam
2015-06-22Rehabilitation in Madagascar: Challenges in Implementing the World Health Organization Disability Action Plan
Fary Khan, Bhasker Amatya, Hasheem Mannan , Frederick M. Burkle, Mary P. Galea
2015-06-16What influences retrospective self-appraised recovery status among danes with low-back problems? A comparative qualitative investigation
Corrie Myburgh, Eleanor Boyle, Henrik H. Lauridsen, Lise Hestbaek, Alice Kongsted
2015-06-03Longitudinal association between respiratory muscle strength and cough capacity in persons with spinal cord injury: An explorative analysis of data from a randomized controlled trial
Karin Postma, Lonneke Y Vlemmix, Janneke A. Haisma, Sonja de Groot, Tebbe A. R. Sluis, Henk J. Stam, Johannes B. J. Bussmann
2015-05-25Reliability and validity of the modified sphygmomanometer test for the assessment of strength of upper limb muscles after stroke
Júlia Caetano Martins, Luci Fuscaldi Teixeira-Salmela, Lucas Araújo Castro e Souza, Larissa Tavares Aguiar, Eliza Maria Lara, Juliana Braga Moura, Christina Danielli Coelho de Morais Faria