Foundation for Rehabilitation Information

The Foundation was created as a non-profit organization in 1969 by Olle Höök.

The goal of the Foundation is to disseminate information in the rehabilitation field, with the aim of contributing to better functioning of people with disabilities, including those on long-term sick leave. Its main task is to publish the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (JRM), which is published in English. Other activities are to arrange symposia and invite guest lectures. The Board of the Foundation decides on the budget for the journal and other activities. An authorized or approved auditor must yearly review the Board’s accounts. The Board appoints Editors and Editorial Board members and decides the principal aims of JRM, for which the Editor-in-Chief then has full editorial responsibility.

The Foundation is chaired by a Board comprising five persons:

Professor Katharina Stibrant Sunnerhagen, Göteborg, Chairperson
Professor Kristian Borg, Stockholm
Professor Bengt H. Sjölund, Odense
Professor Anthony B. Ward, Staffordshire
Professor Britt-Marie Stålnacke, Umeå

to Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine;






Olle Höök, the creator of Foundation for Rehabilitation Information