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Clinical Report

A Two-step Schedule for the Treatment of Actinomycotic Mycetomas

M. Ramam, Taru Garg, Paschal D'Souza, Kaushal K. Verma, Binod K. Khaitan, Manoj K. Singh, Uma Banerjee
DOI: 10.1080/000155500459367


Actinomycotic mycetomas usually respond slowly to treatment with antibiotics. In an attempt to hasten clinical resolution, we used a 2-step regimen consisting of an intensive phase of therapy with penicillin, gentamycin and co-trimoxazole for 5-7 weeks, followed by maintenance therapy with amoxicillin and cotrimoxazole. Seven patients were treated, all of whom showed significant reduction in discharge and swelling after the intensive phase. Maintenance therapy was continued for 2-5 months after the lesions became completely inactive. Five patients completed maintenance therapy, which was given for 6-16 months (mean 10.7 months), and remained free of disease during a mean post-treatment follow-up period of 6.4 months. The other 2 patients also responded satisfactorily and continue to receive maintenance therapy. Side-effects necessitating a modification of the treatment schedule occurred in 2 patients but reversed on discontinuation of the drugs responsible. This treatment schedule produces a rapid clinical response during the initial, intensive phase and promotes compliance with the longer maintenance phase of treatment necessary to achieve a complete cure.


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