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Investigative Report

Atopy Patch Test Reactions to House Dust Mites in Patients with Scabies

Oktay Taşkapan and Yavuz Harmanyerİ
DOI: 10.1080/00015550410024139


It is well known that the house dust and the scabies mites are related phylogenetically. We therefore performed atopy patch tests with house dust mite antigens (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus (Dp) and/or Dermatophagoides farinae (Df)) in scabies patients without atopy and healthy controls. We studied 25 men with active scabies and 25 healthy controls. Skin prick tests with standardized house dust mite extract were performed for all patients and controls. An intradermal test procedure was carried out in skin prick test-negative patients, and for controls showing positive atopy patch test to Dp and/or Df. While atopy patch tests were performed directly in all healthy controls, patients with scabies were first treated and on the next day, atopy patch tests were performed. Twenty-two of 25 patients with scabies (88%) had skin prick test and/or intradermal test positivity against house dust mites, whereas 17/25 patients (68%) had atopy patch test positivity against house dust mites (Dp and/or Df). There was no statistically significant difference between skin prick test and/or intradermal test positivity and atopy patch test positivity in a regression analysis (p=0.222). The only statistically significant correlation was between atopy patch test positivity and the extent of scabies involvement (p<0.05). Only few of the healthy controls had positive tests. In this study, we have shown that a positive atopy patch test to house dust mite antigens is not specific for patients with atopic dermatitis, but also occurs in scabies patients without a history of atopic dermatitis.


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