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Clinical Report

Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis with Multiple Calcification and Osseous Metaplasia

Yayoi Nagai, Michiko Hasegawa, Kahori Shinmi, Chikako Kishi, Yoshito Tsushima, Keigo Endo, Kazuhiko Okabe, Kazuhiro Suzuki, Osamu Ishikawa
DOI: 10.2340/00015555-0518


We describe here a 50-year-old Japanese man with nephro¬genic systemic fibrosis. He had been suffering from chronic renal insufficiency and had been treated with haemodialysis. He had undergone magnetic resonance angiography using gadodiamide 7 years previously. One month after magnetic resonance angiography, he noted swelling, hotness, induration and pain in his left arm. The same symptoms gradually spread over his lower extremities, resulting in flexion contractures with limited range of motion. Physical examination revealed skin sclerosis on his extremities with a glossy brownish skin surface. Histologically, increased collagen fibres with high cellularity were seen in the dermis and subcutaneous septa. Thickened fascia was also noted, as well as osseous metaplasia under the fascia. Computed tomography of the whole body revealed multiple calcifi¬cation of the fascia in many muscles. Treatment with intra¬venous sodium thiosulphate did not result in any clinical improvement.


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