Content » Vol 62, Issue 5

5-OH-dopa, product of and substrate for tyrosinase

Agrup G, Rorsman H, Rosengren E.
DOI: 10.2340/0001555562371376


The formation of 5-OH-dopa on incubation of tyrosine or dopa with mushroom tyrosinase was studied. Dopa oxidase activity was defined by measuring the formation of 5-S- and 2-S-cysteinyldopa from dopa in the presence of excess amounts of cysteine. This procedure quantitating the immediate nucleophilic reaction products of dopaquinone constitutes a new method for assessing tyrosinase activity. The rate of 5-OH-dopa formation from dopa was similar to that of the formation of dopa from tyrosine. The rate of dopaquinone formation was one order of magnitude higher. When tyrosine was oxidized in the presence of ascorbic acid, 5-OH-dopa formation represented 14% of the original amount of tyrosine. At low concentration of dopa, formation of 5-OH-dopa was proportional to the dopa concentration. At high concentrations the relative quantity of 5-OH-dopa formed decreased. Tyrosine in high concentrations inhibited the formation of 5-OH-dopa from dopa. 5-OH-dopa proved to be a substrate for tyrosinase. The rate of oxidation of 5-OH-dopa was similar to that of dopa. The oxidation products of 5-OH-dopa were transformed into relatively stable fluorophores.


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