Content » Vol 67, Issue 2

Expression of blood group antigens by cultured human epidermal cells used as allografts

Mauduit G, Ohrt C, Faure M, Kanitakis J, Demidem A, Thivolet J.
DOI: 10.2340/00015555679399


The expression of blood-group antigens was studied on human epidermal cultures used as allografts in 13 non-immunosuppressed patients treated for leg ulcers. The study was carried out using monoclonal antibodies to A and B antigens by an indirect immunofluorescence technique. Blood-group antigens are weakly expressed on the suprabasal layers of the cultured epidermal sheets. After grafting, the donor´s blood-group antigens were detected on a few cells of the suprabasal layers. Furthermore, scattered keratinocytes as well as acrosyringia were found to express the recipient´s blood-group antigens.


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