Content » Vol 71, Issue 1

Middermal elastolysis. Report of a case and immunohistochemical studies on the dermal distribution of fibrillin, vitronectin and amyloid P component.

Thörneby K, Sakai L, Dahlbäck K
DOI: 10.2340/000155557115


A 39-year-old woman with demarcated wrinkled areas, histologically characterized by absence of elastic fibers in the middle and upper reticular dermis, is described. Immunoreactivity of vitronectin and amyloid P component, present at the periphery of elastic fibers in normal skin in adults, was absent from the middermis of lesional skin as were orcein stained fibers. C9 neoantigen immunoreactivity, associated with elastic fibers in sun-exposed skin of middle-aged and elderly individuals, was present in conjunction with elastic fibers in papillary and lower reticular dermis in lesional skin but was absent in the middermis. In contrast, a fibrillin immunoreactive network was present throughout the dermis, indicating that the elastin-associated microfibrils are retained in the absence of amorphous elastin in lesional skin of middermal elastolysis.


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