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Clinical Report

Nickel patch test reactivity and the menstrual cycle.

Rohold AE, Halkier-Sørensen L, Andersen KE, Thestrup-Pedersen K
DOI: 10.2340/0001555574383385


Premenstrual exacerbation of allergic contact dermatitis and varying allergic patch test responses have been reported at different points of the period. Using a dilution series of nickel sulphate, we studied the variation in patch test reactivity in nickel allergic women in relation to the menstrual cycle. Twenty women with regular periods were tested on day 7-10 and on day 20-24. Ten nickel patch tests with different concentrations were applied using the TRUE test assay, and the threshold concentration of nickel sulphate eliciting an erythematous reaction was determined. Half of the women were tested first on day 7-10 and the other half first on day 20-24. There was no difference in the degree of patch test reactivity, when the results from day 7-10 and day 20-24 were compared (p > 0.4). However, when we compared the patch test results from the first and second test procedure, we found an increased nickel sensitivity at the second patch test (0.02 < p < 0.05), suggesting a booster effect from the first patch test procedure. In conclusion, we could not demonstrate an increased sensitivity to nickel sulphate patch tests premenstrually in 20 nickel allergic women, but we found that elicitation of positive patch tests led to an increased skin reactivity towards the same allergen, when the patients were retested weeks later.


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