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Book Review

Book review:
Facial Skin Disorders by Ronald Marks.

Facial Skin Disorders by Ronald Marks. ISBN 1-84184-210-9. Hbk. 192 pp. Price: £55.00. London: Informa Healthcare, 2007.

Professor Ronald Marks has written a very impressive book on facial skin disorders; an issue on which he is extremely well-qualified. Most interesting is the chapter about his major research area, namely rosacea, which is full of clinical wisdom and experience. Also impressive is the chapter on acne, which is updated with the latest research results. The book is divided into ten separate chapters with different aspects of facial skin disease, including perioral dermatitis, psoriasis, congenital disorders, eczematous diseases, sunlight influence, autoimmune disorders, tumours and different infections. The last three chapters, in particular, describe numerous diseases of the face; and it is difficult to imagine any aspect of facial skin disease that is not mentioned in this book. If his work was unfamiliar to you before reading this book, you will be convinced that Professor Marks has enormous experience to impart on dealing with these types of diseases. The book has a clear index, and may be used as a reference book, but it is also possible to read it from cover to cover – a total of around 160 pages of compressed knowledge. The text is enjoyable and there are many beautiful pictures and interesting tables. Most dermatologists will feel wiser after reading this book.

Mats Berg, MD

Department of Dermatology

University Hospital

SE-751 85 Uppsala, Sweden