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Apoptosis as the mechanism of the involution of hair follicles in catagen transformation
Weedon D, Strutton G
Electron microscopy was performed on mouse skin to study the mechanism of the spontaneous involution of hair follicles during catagen. The reduction in follicles size appears to result from cell deletion by apoptosis, a distinct type of cell death with importance in tissue kinetics. These ultrastructural changes have been misinterpreted in the past as autophagic vacuole formation because of the pr ...
Pages: 335-339
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The prevalence of psoriasis in Denmark
Brandrup F, Green A.
A representative random sample comprising approximately 4000 Danes, 16-99 years old, were questioned as to present or previous psoriasis eruption by non-medical, professional interviewers. Based on the information obtained, the point prevalence for men was 4.2%, for women 3.3%. 88% of those who believed themselves to be suffering from psoriasis stated that they had been treated by doctors for psor ...
Pages: 344-346
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