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Electron microscopical evidence for a direct contact between nerve fibres and mast cells
Wiesner-Menzel L, Schulz B, Vakilzadeh F, Czarnetzki BM
A subungual solitary glomus tumour was examined by both light and electron microscopy. By light microscopy, typical tumour tissue was seen, surrounded by connective tissue. By electron microscopy, a very close morphological relationship was noted between non-myelinated nerve fibres and mast cells. These mast cells could be divided into two groups: the mast cells of the first group contain numerous ...
Pages: 465-469
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Griseofulvin therapy of lichen planus
MC. Massa, RS. Rogers 3rd
Thirty-one patients who had lichen planus treated with griseofulvin were randomly selected for review from a group of patients with lichen planus seen at the Mayo Clinic between January 1976 and June 1980; two patients were excluded because of lack of adequate follow-up. Of the 11 patients with only oral lesions, 6 showed a marked improvement or complete remission. Of the 18 patients with lichen p ...
Pages: 547-550
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