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Scoring atopic dermatitis: the simpler the better?
Costa C, Rilliet A, Nicolet M, Saurat JH
Two scoring methods evaluating the severity of atopic dermatitis have been compared. One was simple, quick and compatible with a busy outpatients clinic. The other was more complicated and time consuming; it took into account most of the evaluable clinical signs of disease activity in each involved site. There was a highly significant correlation between the two methods of scoring, thus validating ...
Pages: 41-45
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Implantation of orthopaedic devices in patients with metal allergy
Åke Carlsson and Halvor Möller
Patients with a contact allergy to chromium, cobalt and/or nickel, pathc test verified before implantation of a metallic orthopaedic device, were followed up years later by clinical and radiographic examination as well as with epicutaneous and intracutaneous tests. -- Please download article for full abstract.
Pages: 62-66
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