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Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Dermatological and rheumatological co-operative clinical report
Biondi Oriente C, Scarpa R, Pucino A, Oriente P
Six hundred and forty-seven patients with psoriasis were studied in order to define prevalence and clinical features of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. After medical history review all patients were observed by a dermatologist and a rheumatologist. Successive laboratory tests and radiological and scintiscan examinations of joints were also performed. Diagnosis of arthritis was made according to ...
Pages: 69-71
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Clinical trial with cyclosporin A
A Cimitan, F Fantini, A Giannetti
Six male patients with extensive psoriasis, resistant to conventional treatment, were treated orally with low-dose Cyclosporin A (CsA) (5 mg/kg/day). One patient had generalized pustular psoriasis, three psoriatic erythroderma, and two disseminated chronic plaque psoriasis. All patients, with the exception of one, were treated for at least twelve weeks. Nearly complete remission was obtained in fo ...
Pages: 159-163
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Prevalence of psoriasis in Croatia
Barisić-Drusko V, Paljan D, Kansky A, Vujasinović S
The prevalence of psoriasis in Croatia was studied by the representative samples method. The total number of investigated persons was 8416. The authors detected 131 psoriatics (prevalence -1.55%).
Pages: 178-179
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Changes in the water holding capacity of psoriatic stratum corneum in vivo
Borroni G, Vignati G, Brazzelli V, Vignoli GP, Gabba P, Gatti M, Berardesca E, Cosseta A, Rabbiosi G
This study investigated the functional capacity of the stratum corneum of psoriatic skin to bind water in vivo during a relatively long period of time (water holding capacity--WHC). An electrical capacitance test was applied to the psoriatic skin on the elbows, perilesional skin and apparently normal skin of 11 patients and the elbows of 10 controls. Measurements of electrical capacitance were per ...
Pages: 192-194
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