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The effect of prolonged drying on transepidermal water loss, capacitance and pH of human vulvar and forearm skin
Elsner P, Maibach HI
The effect of prolonged drying on transepidermal water loss (TEWL), capacitance and pH of vulvar and forearm skin was studied in 15 healthy female volunteers. A desiccation chamber that absorbed water evaporating from the skin surface was applied to the forearm and labia majora skin daily for 4 days. Skin TEWL, capacitance and pH were measured daily and 4 days after removal of the desiccation cham ...
Pages: 105-109
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Pain control in the surgical debridement of leg ulcers by the use of a topical lidocaine--prilocaine cream, EMLA
Holm J, Andrén B, Grafford K.
The analgesic effect of EMLA 5% cream for surgical cleansing of leg ulcers was investigated in an open study and in a double-blind comparison with placebo. Eighty patients with ulcers of venous or arterial origin participated. The cream was applied under occlusion and removed before cleansing. Plasma concentrations of lidocaine and prilocaine were assessed. The maximum individual concentrations we ...
Pages: 132-136
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