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The barrier function in atopic dry skin. Disturbance of membrane-coating granule exocytosis and formation of epidermal lipids?
Fartasch M, Diepgen TL.
Non-eczematous atopic dry skin (DS) shows an enhanced transepidermal water loss denoting an impaired water permeability barrier (WPB) function. The WPB is formed by intercellular lipid lamellae located between the horny cells of stratum corneum (SC). The lipids are provided via the exocytosis of membrane-coating granules (MCG). By differentiating two dynamic states of MCG, the ultrastructural morp ...
Pages: 26-31
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Successful treatment of therapy-resistant atopic dermatitis with clobetasol propionate and a hydrocolloid occlusive dressing
Volden G
During recent years, 48 patients with therapy-resistant chronic skin lesions of atopic dermatitis have been treated once a week with clobetasol propionate lotion left under Duoderm occlusive patches. They had previously failed to respond, or responded only sparsely, to topical corticosteroids. The lesions resolved completely in 44 patients, while partial remission was observed in the remaining 4. ...
Pages: 126-128
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