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Serum levels of interferons and TNF-alpha are not correlated to psoriasis activity and therap
Tigalonova M, Bjerke JR, Gallati H, Degré M, Jablonska S, Majewski S, Matre R
Sera from 52 patients with psoriasis and 106 controls were tested for IFN-tau, IFN-alpha 2 and TNF-alpha in ELISA and for total IFN activity using an infectivity inhibition micromethod. Psoriasis patients had lower serum levels of IFN-tau than had the controls: median 0.10 ng/ml vs. 0.16 ng/ml (p = 0.01). The highest median serum IFN-tau levels were in patients with peripherally spreading psoriasi ...
Pages: 25-27
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Experience with psoriasis in a psychosomatic dermatology clinic
Polenghi MM, Molinari E, Gala C, Guzzi R, Garutti C, Finzi AF.
We studied 179 psoriatic patients by semistructured colloquia and psychometric tests and determined their cutaneous psycho-neurophysiological profiles by biofeedback methods. The Paykel scale for stressful events showed that 72% of psoriatics had experienced significant stressful events about one month before the appearance of the psoriasis. The Zung test for anxiety and depression showed a high l ...
Pages: 65-66
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Prevalence and Clinical Features of Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis in 425 Psoriatic Patients
Biondi Oriente C, Scarpa R, Oriente P
The aim of this study was to define the prevalence and clinical features of Juvenile Psoriatic Arthritis (JPsA). According to the definition by Ansell and Bywaters, we identified the population at risk of JPsA in 425 patients with psoriasis with onset occurring before the age of 31. Among these, 85 were younger than 16 years. Five patients with JPsA were found (prevalence 1.0%). All had a family h ...
Pages: 109-110
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Psoriasis of the Palms and Soles is Frequently Associated with Oropharyngeal Candida albicans
Robert B. Skinner. Jr., E. William Rosenberg and Patricia W. Noah
Pages: 149-150
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