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Editorial: Acta Dermato-Venereologica: Challenges for the Future
Anders Vahlquist
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Interleukin-8 Plays its Role at Local Level in Psoriasis Vulgaris
Michael Sticherling, Wolfram Sautier, Jens -M. Schröder, Enno Christophers
The pro-inflammatory properties of interleukin-8 (IL-8) suggest a major role of this peptide in inflammatory processes of skin and other organs. Both biochemical and immunohistochemical studies from our group have demonstrated IL-8 peptide within psoriatic scales and epidermis. So far, however, the relevance of circulating IL-8 and its relation to locally produced IL-8 in this disease remain uncl ...
Pages: 4-8
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Upregulation of RANTES in Psoriatic Keratinocytes: a Possible Pathogenic Mechanism for Psoriasis
Siba P. Raychaudhuri, Wen-Yue Jiang, Eugene M. Farber, Thomas J. Schall, Michael R. Ruff, Candace B. Pert
Intraepidermal collections of neutrophils and lymphocytes are unique features of the inflammatory reaction of psoriasis. Migration of leukocytes from dermis to the epidermis suggests a role for chemotactic agent(s). In recent years, increased levels of chemokines such as IL-8 , GRO-α and MCP-1 have been reported in the keratinocytes of psoriatic tissue. IL-8 and GRO-α belong to a subfamily (C× ...
Pages: 9-11
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Elemental Analysis Mirrors Epidermal Differentiation
Bo Forslind, Ylva Werner-Linde, Magnus Lindberg, Jan Pallon
Using a scanning nuclear microprobe, the distribution of elements and trace elements of skin cross sections of normal skin, non-lesional psoriatic skin and in dry atopic skin have been mapped. In non-lesional psoriatic skin and in dry atopic skin the epidermal Ca-gradient is higher than that of normal skin. In addition, abnormally high Fe and Zn levels were recorded in the stratum granulosum and ...
Pages: 12-17
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In Vitro Release of Interferon-gamma and Macrophage Migration Inhibition Factor in Drug-induced Urticaria and Angioedema
Ella Livni, Moshe Lapidoth, Sima Halevy
T-cells are involved in the pathogenesis of cutaneous drug reactions. T-cell phenotype and cytokine release pattern in vivo and in vitro might correlate with the type of immune response involved in cutaneous drug reactions. In vitro release of interferon-γ and macrophage migration inhibition factor (MIF) from peripheral blood lymphocytes, following in vitro challenge ...
Pages: 18-22
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Effect of Intradermal Injection of Methionine-enkephalin on Human Skin
Judith B. Nissen, Henrik Egekvist, Peter Bjerring, Knud Kragballe
Methionine-enkephalin (met-enk) detected in monocytes in psoriatic skin can modulate inflammatory processes and keratinocyte differentiation/proliferation in vitro. The purpose of the present study was to determine the effect of intradermal injection of met-enk on normal human skin and on the development of a delayed type skin hypersensitivity reaction. In 6 healthy volunteers, 50 μl of m ...
Pages: 23-26
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Expression of the Adhesion Molecules ICAM-1, VCAM-1, LFA-1 and VLA-4 in the Skin is Modulated in Progressing Stages of Chronic Venous Insufficiency
Manfred Peschen, Tanja Lahaye, Bernd Hennig, Alice Weyl, Jan C. Simon, Wolfgang Vanscheidt
In inflammation and wound healing, dynamic changes in cell adhesion and migration are fundamental properties of the cells involved. Disturbed interaction of leukocytes with microvascular endothelial cells has been proposed to be a central pathogenic factor in chronic venous insufficiency. This disease may therefore serve to elucidate dysregulated modulation of adhesion molecule expression in cond ...
Pages: 27-32
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Thermophysical Effects of Ointments in Cold: An Experimental Study with a Skin Model
Eero Lehmuskallio, Hannu Anttonen
The use of emollients on the face is a traditional way to protect the skin against cold injuries in cold climate countries like Finland, but their preventive effect against frostbite has been questioned. The purpose of this investigation was to define the thermal insulation and occlusivity of ointments in cold by using a skin model with a sweating hot plate. The properties of four different emoll ...
Pages: 33-36
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Interleukin-15 is not a Constitutive Cytokine in the Epidermis, but is Inducible in Culture or Inflammatory Conditions
Gang-Wen Han, Keiji Iwatsuki, Masayuki Inoue, Takashi Matsui, Akiko Nishibu, Hitoshi Akiba, Fumio Kaneko
The regulation in the skin of interleukin-15 (IL-15), a potent modulator of T-cell-mediated immune responses, is not fully understood. We investigated the levels of IL-15 and its mRNA produced by epidermal and cultured keratinocytes and found that normal keratinocytes did not constitutively express IL-15 in the epidermis, but in culture began to produce the cytokine. Some epidermal keratinocytes ...
Pages: 37-40
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Further Evidence of Genetic Homogeneity in Sj gren-Larsson Syndrome
M. Pigg, I. Annton-Lamprecht, C. Braun-Quentin, K.-H. Gustavson, C. Wadelius
Sjögren-Larsson syndrome is an autosomal recessive disorder characterized by congenital ichthyosis, spastic di- or tetraplegia and mental retardation. In 1994 Sjögren-Larsson syndrome was mapped to chromosome 17, close to the genetic marker D17S805 in a study of 24 Swedish families. We have analysed 12 microsatellite markers in 10 additional non-Swedish families with Sjögren-Larsson syndrome o ...
Pages: 41-43
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Somatostatin- and Factor XIIIa-immunoreactive Cells in Psoriasis during Clobetasol Propionate and Calcipotriol treatment
Toomas Talme, Marianne Schultzberg, Karl-Gösta Sundqvist, Jan A. Marcusson
This study describes the changes in number and distribution of somatostatin- and factor XIIIa-immunoreactive dendritic cells in the epidermis and dermis of psoriatic lesional skin during topical treatment with clobetasol propionate or calcipotriol. Immunohistochemical analysis showed that the number of each cell type was increased in lesional skin as compared to normal skin. Investigation of seri ...
Pages: 44-48
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Effect of Long-term Use of Moisturizer on Skin Hydration, Barrier Function and Susceptibility to Irritants
Elisabeth Held, Snjólaug Sveinsdóttir, Tove Agner
Moisturizers are often used in the prevention and treatment of irritant contact dermatitis. The present study was to determine whether long-term daily use of a moisturizer on normal skin would affect skin barrier function, hydration state, or susceptibility to sodium lauryl sulphate. Healthy volunteers used a moisturizer on one forearm 3 times daily for 4 weeks. The other forearm served as a cont ...
Pages: 49-51
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Endonyx Onychomycosis: A New Modality of Nail Invasion by Dermatophytes
Antonella Tosti, Robert Baran, Bianca Maria Piraccini, Pier Alessandro Fanti
Three patients with onychomycosis due to Trichophyton soudanense with an "endonyx" type of nail invasion are presented. Endonyx onychomycosis is clinically characterized by a diffuse milky-white discolouration of the affected nail, in the absence of nail bed hyperkeratosis or onycholysis. Nail plate surface and nail thickness are normal. The pathology shows a contrast between the great num ...
Pages: 52-53
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In vivo Detection of Basal Cell Carcinoma using Imaging Spectroscopy
Ann-Marie Wennberg, Fredrik Gudmundson, Bo Stenquist, Annika Ternesten, Lena Mölne, Arne Rosén, Olle Larkö
Photodynamic therapy has become an interesting alternative to conventional therapy for basal cell carcinomas. Delta-aminolevulinic acid is a precursor in the biosynthesis of protoporphyrin IX that accumulates to a large extent in tumour tissue. We have compared in vivo protoporphyrin IX fluorescence with the extent of basal cell carcinomas on the face, trunk and thigh determined by histolo ...
Pages: 54-61
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Fibromyalgia in Lupus Erythematosus
Andrea Gräfe, Uwe Wollina, Beate Tebbe, Haiko Sprott, Christine Uhlemann, Gert Hein
Fibromyalgia has been reported to occur with high prevalence in systemic lupus erythematosus. Data on fibromyalgia in other subsets of lupus erythematosus are not available. Risk factors for fibromyalgia have not been defined. We investigated 60 patients with different subsets of lupus erythematosus for the presence of fibromyalgia, association with clinical and laboratory parameters and disease ...
Pages: 62-64
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Erythrosis Pigmentosa Mediofacialis (Brocq) and Erythromelanosis Follicularis Faciei et Colli in the Same Patient
Lennart Juhlin, Hans Alkemade
Erythrosis pigmentosa peribuccalis (Brocq) (or erythrosis pigmentosa mediofacialis) and erythromelanosis follicularis faciei et colli, have been regarded as different disorders, mainly because the first occurs on the mediofacial area and is common in women and the second mostly occurs pre-auricularly in men. Both conditions show histological signs of abnormal follicular keratinization with telean ...
Pages: 65-66
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Cold Protecting Ointments and Frostbite: A Questionnaire Study of 830 Conscripts in Finland
Eero Lehmuskallio
Application of ointments to the face is one of many measures used to avoid frostbite of the head in cold climates. A recent epidemiological study indicated, however, that the use of ointments in the cold may be a considerable risk factor in development of frostbite of the face and ears. A questionnaire on the use of protective ointments was completed by 830 young male conscripts divided into 4 gr ...
Pages: 67-70
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Percutaneous and Combined Percutaneous and Intralesional Nd:YAG-laser Therapy for Vascular Malformations
M. B. Wimmershoff, M Landthaler, U. Hohenleutner
The numerous types of vascular abnormality are classified in groups according to their pathological and anatomical features. We present case histories of 2 patients who had vascular malformations of the face since birth or early childhood. Application methods, side-effects and complications of percutaneous and intra-lesional Nd:YAG-laser therapy are reviewed for these patients. A 54-year-old woma ...
Pages: 71-73
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Eye and Hair Colour, Skin Type and Constitutive Skin Pigmentation as Risk Factors for Basal Cell Carcinoma and Cutaneous Malignant Melanoma: A Danish Case-Control Study
Jørgen Lock-Andersen, Krzysztof T. Drzewiecki, Hans Christian Wulf
To assess the importance of hair and eye colour, skin type and constitutive skin pigmentation as risk factors for basal cell carcinoma and cutaneous malignant melanoma in fair-skinned Caucasians, we conducted two identical case-control studies in Denmark. We studied 145 cases with basal cell carcinoma and 174 matched controls, and 168 cases with cutaneous malignant melanoma and 176 matched contro ...
Pages: 74-80
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Proximal White Subungual Onychomycosis in the Immunocompetent Patient: Report of Two Cases and Review of the Literature
Jeffrey Weinberg, Evelyn Koestenblatt, Philip Don, Soren White, Mark Stein, Mahrukh Bamji
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Ring-induced Nail Pitting?
Volker Grimm, Matthias Möhrenschlager, Harald Bruckbauer, Lars Köhler, Johannes Ring
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Fox-Fordyce Disease: Two Cases in Patients with Turner Syndrome
A. Patrizi, C. Orlandi, I. Neri, P. A. Fanti, L. Mazzanti
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Successful Treatment of Generalized Granuloma Annulare with Polyethylene Sheet Bath PUVA
Andrea Szegedi, Ágnes BégÁny, JÁnos Hunyadi
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Pages: 84-85
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Low Dose Cyclosporin A and Methotrexate in the Treatment of Psoriasis
Kenneth C. Wong, Katherine Georgouras
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Epidermal Inclusion Cyst with Melanoma-like Melanophagic Proliferation
Pradeep Vaideeswar, Daksha P. Prabhat, Ammu Sivaraman
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Histamine Intolerance Imitated a Fish Allergy
M. Thewes, J. Rakoski, J. Ring
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Zosteriform Cutaneous Metastases arising from Adenocarcinoma of the Colon: Diagnostic Smear Cytology from Cutaneous Lesions
Setsuko Maeda, Hiroyuki Hara, Takafumi Morishima
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Pages: 90-91
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Erythema Elevatum Diutinum in a Patient with Human Herpesvirus 6 Infection
F. Drago, M. Semino, P. Rampini, C. Lugani, A. Rebora
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Pages: 91-92
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Graham Little-Piccardi-Lasseur Syndrome Following HBV Vaccination
F. Bardazzi, C. Landi, C. Orlandi, I. Neri, C. Varotti
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Discordance Between DNA Analysis and the Clinical Picture in a Case of Xeroderma Pigmentosum
G. Tessari, F. S. D'Onghia, M. Stefanini, A. Barba
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Pages: 94-95
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Post-herpes Zoster Scar Sarcoidosis
Monica Corazza, Sandra Bacilieri, Renata Strumìa
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