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European S2k Guideline on Chronic Pruritus
Elke Weisshaar, Jacek C. Szepietowski, Florence J. Dalgard, Simone Garcovich, Uwe Gieler, Ana M. Giménez-Arnau, Julien Lambert, Tabi Leslie, Thomas Mettang, Laurent Misery, Ekin Şavk, Markus Streit, Erwin Tschachler, Erwin Tschachler, Joanna Wallengren, Sonja Ständer
Pruritus is a frequent symptom in medicine. Population-based studies show that every 5th person in the general population has suffered from chronic pruritus at least once in the lifetime with a 12-month incidence of 7%. In patient populations its frequency is much higher depending on the underlying cause, ranging from around 25% in haemodialysis patients to 100% in skin diseases such as urticaria ...
Pages: 469-506
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