About Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine-CC


Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine-Clinical Communications


In January 2018 the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (JRM) launched a new open access journal: Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine – Clinical Communications (JRM–CC). This journal has now grown to become a recognized forum for clinicians in the area, and was recently accepted for inclusion in PubMed Central and PubMed.


Most journals today publish papers that report the results of research, written by professional researchers and read by other researchers active in the same field. For clinicians these papers may be difficult to interpret and put into practice in their daily clinical work. JRM-CC bridges this gap between research and real-life impact by focusing on clinical papers in rehabilitation medicine only. JRM–CC does not wish to compete with scientific journals established since a long time back, and a high impact factor is thus not the ultimate aim.


What kind of publications can you expect in JRM–CC?

JRM–CC covers a broad range of clinical papers including case studies, case series, pilot studies, educational papers, personal opinions, technical papers, short reports, PhD-thesis summaries, position papers, book reviews. etc. The main criterion for considering a submission is the relevance for clinical practice in Rehabilitation Medicine.


Can you subscribe to JRM–CC?

No you cannot. JRM-CC will be open access and free for all clinicians. You will be able to read all papers online and there will be no printed version available. In case you wish to contribute to comments in JRM and JRM-CC you will be requested to register as member of JRM.


How to submit papers to JRM–CC?

Please find the author instructions at  https://medicaljournals.se/jrm/instructions-to-author-cc.


Review process of articles submitted JRM–CC?

All papers are subject to single-blinded peer review before acceptance. Most often there are two reviewers for each paper.


Corrections and retractions



Is there a submission fee of publication fee?

JRM-CC is a non-profit journal and has no submission fee, but to cover the costs associated with running the journal we charge a publication fee upon acceptance of your article. The publication fee is 50% of the publication fee in JRM, i.e. EUR650.


E-ISSN: 2003-0711