Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine is owned by the non-profit Foundation of Rehabilitation Information. It is an international peer-review journal in English and is since January 2007 published as a true non-profit journal without a commercial publisher. Most of the papers published in Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine are original articles, but regularly also reviews and special supplements are published.

The topics covered are:

The journal is read by a wide group of healthcare professionals including specialists in rehabilitation medicine, neurology, clinical neurophysiology, general medicine, psychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers.

JRM journal (online)

• One of the highest ranked rehabilitation journals in the world. It has an impact factor of 2.046 and is holding the top position among rehabilitation journals.
• Spread all over the world: the journal has the most subscribers from Europe (50%), there­after North America (26%) and Asia (20%).  
• The offical journal of  International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine.


JRM website (

• Approximately 27,700 page views from over 15,700 unique visitors per month.*
• Updated daily.
• Immediate Open Access to all articles.
• Visitors from all over the world: the website is visited by residents of over 120 countries (United States (24%), United Kingdom (8%) and Canada (6%) are home to the largest numbers of visitors).*
• Attracts a large number of qualified visitors.


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*Based on Google analytics 11 December 2017–10 January 2018.