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Review article

Linking health promotion with physiotherapy for low back pain: A review

Kadija Perreault
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0208


Objective: The objectives of this paper are: (i) to present the results of a descriptive literature review highlighting conceptual and practical links between the fields of physiotherapy and health promotion, and (ii) to provide recommendations based on this review of the literature in order to contribute towards the improvement of physiotherapists' interventions with people presenting low back pain.
Methods: A literature review of publications in the fields of health promotion, public health, physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The concepts of health and empowerment are discussed. Health promotion strategies used in the field of physiotherapy are also reported.
Results: The results of the literature review indicate that conceptualizations of health differ between the fields of health promotion and physiotherapy, although there are some common points. Empowerment, a central concept in health promotion, is probably not facilitated in physiotherapy interventions based on the biomedical model. Health education is the most used health promotion strategy in physiotherapy practice. Recommendations are put forward.
Conclusion: In the future, further efforts should be made towards linking the principles and practices of health promotion with physiotherapy. This may help improve physio¬therapists' interventions with people presenting low back pain.

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