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Positive experiences of encounters with healthcare and social insurance professionals among people on long-term sick leave

Ulrika Müssener, Karin Festin, Marianne Upmark, Kristina Alexanderson
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0259


Objective: To analyse different aspects of positive experiences of people on long-term sick leave with regard to their interactions with healthcare and social insurance professionals.
Methods: A random population-based questionnaire survey among 10,042 long-term sick-listed people in Sweden. Statements related to positive encounters with the professionals were analysed. Factor analysis and logistic regression was used to identify possible associations with gender, age, marital status, country of birth, level of education, part- or full-time sickness absence, self-rated health, depression during the past year, and reasons for sick leave.
Results: Ninety-two percent of respondents had experienced positive encounters with healthcare and 73% had experienced positive encounters with social insurance. The mean rating was higher for healthcare. The respondents agreed most with the items ”treated me with respect”, ”listened to me”, and ”was nice to me”. Three aspects of interactions were identified: competence, personal attention, and confidence and trust. Women, people born in Sweden, and individuals with good self-rated health experienced the inter­actions as most positive.
Conclusion: The majority of the respondents on long-term sickness absence have had positive interactions with healthcare and social insurance. More research is required to determine the impact that such experiences might have on return to work, and how such interactions might be promoted.

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