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Goals of patients with rehabilitation needs in acute hospitals: goal achivement is an indicator for improved functioning

Martin Mueller, Ralf Strobl, Eva Grill
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0652


Objective: To identify goals of patients with rehabilitation needs in the acute hospital setting using the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), to examine association of goal achievement with improvement in overall functioning, and to examine whether ICF Core Sets for the acute hospital cover patients goals.
Design: Multi-centre cohort study.
Patients: A total of 397 patients (50% female, mean age 63 years) from 5 hospitals in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.
Methods: A semi-structured questionnaire was used to assess patient goals and goal achievement. Overall functioning from the patients’ and health professionals’ perspective was assessed on a numerical rating scale. Improvement in functioning was calculated using a residualized gain score. Association between goal achievement and improvement in overall functioning was assessed with logistic regression.
Results: A total of 397 patients reported achievement of at least 1 goal. Eighty-eight percent of the goals were translated into categories of the ICF. Logistic regression analyses revealed significant association between goal achievement and overall functioning.
Conclusion: The ICF might be useful to identify and structure patient’s goals in acute hospital care. The association between goal achievement and improved functioning underlines that it is essential to involve the patient in the process of planning rehabilitation interventions in acute hospitals

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