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Increasing knowledge of best practices for occupational therapists treating post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect: Results of a knowledge-translation intervention study

Anita Petzold, Nicol Korner-Bitensky, Nancy M. Salbach, Sara Ahmed, Anita Menon, Tatiana Ogourtsova
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-0910


Objective: The aim of this study was to investigate: (i) the feasibility of delivering a multi-modal knowledge translation intervention specific to the management of acute post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect; and (ii) the impact of the knowledge translation intervention on occupational therapists’ knowledge of evidence-based unilateral spatial neglect problem identification, assessment and treatment, and self-efficacy related to evidence-based practice implementation.
Design: A 3-period (pre-post) repeated measures design.
Subjects: Acute care occupational therapists treating patients with post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect were recruited from two major Canadian cities.
Methods: Participants completed two pre-intervention assessments, took part in a day-long interactive multi-modal knowledge translation intervention and a subsequent 8-week follow-up, and completed a post-intervention assessment. Knowledge of evidence-based problem identification, assessment and treatment of unilateral spatial neglect, and self-efficacy to perform evidence-based practice activities were measured using standard scales.
Results: The intervention was tested on 20 occupational therapists. Results indicate a significant improvement in knowledge of best practice unilateral spatial neglect management (p < 0. 000) and evidence-based practice self-efficacy in carrying out evidence-based practice activities (p < 0. 045) post-intervention.
Conclusion: Use of a multi-modal knowledge translation intervention is feasible and can significantly improve occupational therapists’ knowledge of unilateral spatial neglect best practices and self-efficacy. The findings should help advance best practices specific to the management of post-stroke unilateral spatial neglect as well as informing knowledge translation studies in other areas of practice.

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