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Exercise self-efficacy in persons with spinal cord injury: Psychometric properties of the Dutch translation of the Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale

Carla F.J. Nooijen, Marcel W.M Post, Dorien C.M. Spijkerman, Michael P. Bergen, Henk J. Stam, Rita J.G. van den Berg-Emons
Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy, Erasmus MC, 3000CA Rotterdam, The Netherlands. E-mail:
DOI: 10.2340/16501977-1112


Objective: To assess the reliability and validity of the Dutch version of the Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (ESES) in persons with spinal cord injury. This is the first independent study of ESES psychometric properties, and the first report on ESES test–retest reliability.
Subjects/patients: A total of 53 Dutch persons with spinal cord injury.
Methods: Subjects completed the Dutch ESES twice, with 2 weeks between (ESES_1 and ESES_2). Subjects also completed the General Self-Efficacy scale (GSE), and a questionnaire regarding demographic characteristics and lesion characteristics. Psychometric properties of the Dutch translation of the ESES were assessed and compared with those of the original English-language version.
Results: The Dutch ESES was found to have good internal consistency (Cronbach’s α for ESES_1 = 0. 90, ESES_2 = 0. 88). Test–retest reliability was adequate (intra-class correlation coefficient = 0. 81, 95% confidence interval 0. 70–0. 89). For validity, a moderate, statistically significant correlation was found between ESES and the GSE (Spearman’s ρ ESES_1 = 0. 52, ESES_2 = 0. 66, p < 0. 01). Furthermore, the psychometric properties of the Dutch ESES were found to be similar to those of the original English version.
Conclusion: The results of this study support the use of the ESES as a reliable and valid measure of exercise self-efficacy.

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