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Original report

Individualized adaptation of clothes for impaired persons. A comparison of two groups with and without experience of adapted clothes

Kratz G, Söderback I.
Department of Social Care and Rehabilitation, Stockholm College of Health and Caring Sciences, Sweden
DOI: 10.2340/165019779022163170


Impaired persons often have difficulties in obtaining suitable clothing. Questionnaires on this subject were sent to a consecutive series of impaired persons. Group 1 (n = 50) had received adapted clothes and group 2 (n = 81) had not. Questionnaire A (both groups) contained general questions on clothes and questionnaire B (Group 1) contained questions on adapted clothes. The result of the study shows a significant difference (p less than 0.01) between the need for adapted clothing in group 1 and group 2. No significant difference was found between the groups regarding the reason for obtaining and using adapted clothes. It was difficult for 94% in group 1 and 85% in group 2 to obtain clothes which were suitable for the individual's impairment and which made their daily activities easier. In group 1 the adapted garments were of most value when dressing and undressing (86%). They also reduced the time needed, by 31% for the individual, by 43% for a helper; and by 62% when going to the toilet. The adapted garments were considered smarter and more comfortable by 64%. Eighteen per cent considered that wearing them had increased their self-confidence.

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