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Is "handicap" affected by a hospital based rehabilitation programme?

Roy CW, Hunter J, Arthurs Y, Prescott RJ
Rehabilitation Studies Unit, University of Edinburgh, Princess Margaret Rose Hospital, Scotland
DOI: 10.2340/165019779224105112


"Handicap", categorised according to the ICIDH, and "Disability", measured by the Smith Activities of Daily Living (ADL) Index, were assessed in over 300 patients (suffering from strokes, lower limb amputations, cardiac disorders, low back pain and other diseases) on admission to and after discharge from a hospital based rehabilitation programme. Statistically significant improvements were found in Physical Independence and Mobility Handicaps which correlated with improvements in ADL Self-care (R = 0. 58, p less than 0. 001) and ADL Mobility (R = 0. 53, p less than 0. 001) averages. Small but significant improvements were also found in Orientation, Occupation and Social Integration Handicaps but there was no change in Economic Self Sufficiency Handicap. Thus it is possible to use the Handicap categorisations to assess disabled people sequentially during a rehabilitation programme. The problems of data collection, however, are so formidable that its usefulness must be limited.

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