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Radiographic verification of knee goniometry
C S Enwemeka
The accuracy of knee goniometry was examined by comparing goniometric measurements with radiographic bone angle measurements of six positions of the knee, namely, 0 degree, 15 degrees, 30 degrees, 45 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees. Within the first 15 degrees of knee flexion joint excursion measured by goniometry differed significantly from bone angle measurement (p less than 0.01). With 30 d ...
Pages: 47-49
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Changes in muscle activity during fast, alternating flexion-extension movements of the knee
C Richardson, M I Bullock
The effects of high frequency alternating knee flexion-extension on muscle activity of the quadriceps and hamstring muscle groups has been investigated. Standard loads were used for each subject. The muscle activity in vastus medialis, vastus lateralis, rectus femoris and the lateral hamstrings were recorded by electromyography during increasing velocities. Rectus femoris and hamstrings were found ...
Pages: 51-58
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Wheelchair ergometer. Development of a prototype with electronic braking
F Forchheimer, A Lundberg
Abstract A new wheelchair ergometer is described, which compensates for the pulsating character of the work by an automatic control system. This makes it possible to maintain a constant level of power during wheelchair work. Design: An automatic control system has been integrated in an electronically braked bicycle ergometer, and a pedal unit from Rodby Electronic bicycle ergometer RE 820 has ...
Pages: 59-63
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Cardiorespiratory capacity in tetra- and paraplegia shortly after injury
N Hjeltnes
In one hundred patients (86 males, 14 females) with relatively recent spinal cord injuries the oxygen supporting system was evaluated during graded arm ergometry. The patients were assigned according to injury level to 5 subgroups with complete, and to 2 additional groups with incomplete injuries. Mean peak oxygen uptake (VO2) was found to be as low as 0.74 l/min in males with complete tetraplegia ...
Pages: 65-70
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Shoulder joint load and muscular activity during lifting
U P Arborelius, J Ekholm, G Németh, O Svensson, R Nisell
The aim of this study was to investigate load on shoulder joint and muscles in healthy adults during four different ways of lifting a moderate burden (12.8 kg) from floor to table level. The methods used were surface electrode EMG with linear envelope, and calculation of loading moments of force using a static biomechanical model. The shoulder load at the beginning of the lift was lowest for the s ...
Pages: 71-82
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Early activation for acutely ill elderly patients
K Hulter Asberg
In order to describe both the process and the impact of introducing a program of early activation for acutely admitted elderly patients in medical wards, two populations, one before and the other after the intervention of the program, were followed up. The program was implemented in cooperation with the nursing staff, who were integrated in the rehabilitation work. Population I (219 admissions) wa ...
Pages: 83-90
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