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Fluid Translocation Measurement. A Method to Study Pneumatic Compression Treatment of Postmastectomy Lymphoedema
M Mridha, S Odman
Tissue fluid translocation under the action of deformation was measured to study the pneumatic compression treatment of postmastectomy lymphoedema of the arm. Analysis of the results provides statistically significant parameters for characterization of the oedema. Mobility of the fluid in pitting oedematous tissue was significantly greater than that of normal tissue and decreased after pneumatic c ...
Pages: 63-69
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Recovery of Function During Inpatient Rehabilitation for Moderate Traumatic Brain Injury
V Sahgal, A Heinemann
This study evaluated the functional improvement of 189 patients with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who participated in a comprehensive rehabilitation program at a National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research--designated Center for traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. Data were comprised of functional ratings reported by therapists in nine disciplines. Improvement in mobility, self ...
Pages: 71-79
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A controlled study on the outcome of inpatient and outpatient treatment of low back pain. Part I. Pain, disability, compliance, and reported treatment benefits three months after treatment
Härkäpää K, Järvikoski A, Mellin G, Hurri H.
Outcome of inpatient and outpatient treatment of low back pain was studied in 459 patients (aged 35-54 years, 63% men); 156 inpatients, 150 outpatients and 153 controls. Changes in low back pain and in disability caused by it, and adherence and accomplishment of back exercises were used as short-term outcome criteria. The overall results showed a significant decrease in pain and disability and bet ...
Pages: 81-89
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A Controlled Study on the Outcome of Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment of Low Back Pain. Part II. Effects on Physical Measurements Three Months After Treatment
G Mellin, H Hurri, K Härkäpää, A Järvikoski
Inpatient and outpatient treatments were compared with a control intervention in 288 men and 168 women, aged 35-54, who were at work, but suffered from chronic or recurrent low back pain. Physical measurements and back pain assessments were carried out before the intervention and at a 3-month follow-up. Physical fitness improved most in the inpatients, but the outpatients did not differ from the c ...
Pages: 91-95
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Isokinetic Muscle Torque in the Dorsiflexors of the Ankle in Children 6-15 Years of Age. Normal Values and Evaluation of the Method
E Bäckman, B Oberg
Isokinetic muscle torque of the dorsiflexors of the ankle was tested in 137 children 6-15 years old. Reference values in different age groups are given for girls and boys separately. Generally, peak torque values increased with age. However, the developed torque/kg bodyweight showed no significant difference in 15-year-old girls compared to 12-year-old girls. For prediction of normal torque the be ...
Pages: 97-103
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Isometric Muscle Force and Anthropometric Values in Normal Children Aged Between 3.5 and 15 Years
E Bäckman, P Odenrick, K G Henriksson, T Ledin
Isometric muscle force was measured in 217 normal children aged 3. 5-15 years. The standard error of a single determination made by the same observer was ca. 9% of the muscle force. When two measurements were made by different observers the standard error of the difference was estimated at ca. 17%. Reference values for isometric force are given for boys and girls separately. With regard to 7 of th ...
Pages: 105-114
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Continuous Monitoring of Detrusor Pressure in Patients With a Reflex Urinary Bladder After Spinal Cord Injury
M Thyberg, S Gedda, P B Johansen, C Lassvik, A Spångberg, A Engberg
In spinal cord injury, the detrusor pressure, as a parameter of urinary bladder dysfunction, is related to incontinence and renal complications. In order to determine the intraindividual variation of maximum pressure and duration of detrusor contractions, in patients with a spinal reflex bladder, the detrusor pressure was registered during 24 hours of physiological filling in 16 patients. Between ...
Pages: 115-121
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