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Influence of sustained stretch on late muscular responses to magnetic brain stimulation in patients with upper motor neuron lesions
Hummelsheim H, Münch B, Bütefisch C, Neumann S.
Late muscular responses to transcranial magnetic stimulation occur in healthy subjects only in tonically active muscles with a proportional relationship between the amount of the EMG-response and the voluntary innervation strength. In hemiparetic stroke patients late potentials are elicited in chronically spastic hand flexors without voluntary background muscular activity probably reflecting enhan ...
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Self-reported musculoskeletal pain and discomfort in professional ballet dancers in Sweden
Ramel E, Moritz U.
One hundred and forty-seven professional dancers belonging to the three major companies in Sweden were asked to fill out a standardized questionnaire about musculoskeletal trouble and their work situation. This study details the answers and suggests ways of dealing with this particular work situation. Of the 128 dancers who answered the questionnaire, 121 had experienced trouble some time during t ...
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Does group gymnastics at the workplace help in neck pain? A controlled study
Takala EP, Viikari-Juntura E, Tynkkynen EM.
The effects of group gymnastics on neck pain were studied among 44 women in a printing company. A randomized cross-over design was used with two groups matched according to the work task, frequency of symptoms, and age. The treatment consisted of gymnastics for 45 min once a week for 10 weeks. Neck pain was rated by visual analogue scale and pressure pain sensitivity of the neck muscles was measur ...
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Preventive effects of work place investigations in connection with musculo-skeletal occupational injuries
Kemmlert K.
One hundred and ninety-five reports on musculo-skeletal occupational injuries were collected and randomised into two groups: one group where the work places of the injured were visited by labour inspectors (LIs) and one control group. The inspectors were instructed to issue inspection notices (INs) where appropriate. Ninety-two such visits were paid and resulted in 20 INs. Approximately 15 months ...
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Characteristics of patients who attribute chronic pain to minor injury
Sivik TM, Delimar D.
Eighty-four chronic low back pain (CLBP) patients were studied in order to determine whether personality differences existed between patients reporting a minor injury at work as the cause of their disability and ensuing insurance claims, and patients who did not. Twenty-three of the CLBP patients studied reported that their pain resulted from a accident at work. All the subjects underwent a variet ...
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Wheelchair propulsion: functional ability dependent factors in wheelchair basketball players
Vanlandewijck YC, Spaepen AJ, Lysens RJ
The aim of this study was to examine the user-related parameters, 1) force generation 2) maximal aerobic power and 3) propulsion technique, in respect to functional ability level [ISMWSF] wheelchair basketball classification: groups 1, 2 and 3) of 40 elite wheelchair basketball players. Isometric (position on the handrims = -30, 0 degrees, +30 degrees and +60 degrees) and dynamic force application ...
Pages: 37-48
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